Thursday, July 28, 2016

New, Improved!

Well, it's new anyway! I just thought, isn't it time? I'd asked myself that before, and the answer was "no". But this morning when I asked myself that, I didn't even ask myself... I just proclaimed it "time to change the blog look day". I think I have it down, but you never know. I may just turn around and do it again. I think I want to put my own picture as the background, so that will mean doing something at least.
Maybe this one, in a larger size, though you won't see most of it then.

I'm done doing this for the day, though.  I must get serious about culling stuff from our house.  I'm down 46 pounds now, and the house is up 46... or something like that.  I know there is just TOO MUCH STUFF here!

So, goal today:  by 5 pm to have 5 trash bags full for either the dump, the recycle, thrift store and/or craigslist.  I shouldn't add an "and", but... AND I'd like to have my two small bookcases dusted and organized again!  I get so distracted with shiny objects though, and wanting to do something else, that it NEVER gets done as it should.

But here I go.  No poem today.  A clean it up day.  Putting on the gloves.  Getting in the ring NOW!  See you when I'm done!

Wait.  Let me take two pictures.  (I knew I could postpone work just a bit longer!)
Look!  There are books on the floor that can't find a spot to squeeze in!

Look!  There are OLD cd's taking up all the room for the cookbooks that are on top!

This should shame me into doing what I said I was going to do!  These are embarrassing pictures to post.  But they are what they are, as they say - what they say.  And I am going to post the "AFTERS" tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

I'm putting my gloves back on now.   Everyone out of my way!


  1. Good luck with the decluttering! It always feels so good to get that done.
    And the blog looks beautiful.

    1. Now, see, I've taken a break already, or I wouldn't be able to reply! I've dismantled one bookcase, vacuumed, washed and MOVED it! I'm repositioning it on the other side of the room, incorporating a different bookcase into the scheme and trading out the one in the bedroom. Already getting to be overwhelming...

  2. The blog looks great!! Very spiffy. Getting rid of things feels wonderful. Good luck!

    1. Okay, well, my husband came home and wants to go get a cold drink at Starbucks... I have two bookcases cleared off and moved... have to leave now...


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