Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Cappella

I was minding my own business...wait.  No, I wasn't.  I was actually snooping into blogs, catching up on current events, and came across Tabatha Yeatt's today, featuring the a cappella video of Steeley Dan.  Yes, I remember it.  I love a cappella groups.  When we get to sing a cappella in part of our songs at church, I just love the blending of the voices!
I then had to spend a couple of hours listening to lots of a cappella groups online, which then led to flash mobs (which I also REALLY want to do someday!)  Aside from the flash mob, I came upon a great a cappella group begun at David Lipscomb University, the college my daughter attended down in Nashville, TN:

They are amazing. Before they were Durant, they were X-Changed, and that is what I knew them as.


  1. Glad you had fun with your a cappella explorations, Donna! My daughter goes to school in Nashville -- it's a great place to be :-)

    1. My daughter enjoyed Nashville, too. Met her husband down there. It was too hot outside and too cold indoors for me in summer. They also need an ocean. But it is beautiful!


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