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It's Tuesday.  Time to link up with Two Writing Teachers for Tuesday's Slice of Life.  I am a retired teacher, who pops in to share periodically there.  Pretty soon it will be March!  And then it will be a post a day there!

I have been struggling with if I want to try another OLW this year.  I've tried before, and gotten distracted early on - totally forgetting about my word.  But -
I'm going for it again.

I reread recent posts and thought about my life as I thought about the word possibilities. It became clearer to me what I have been doing lately; I found that I have been trying to live my life a little more boldly.

BOLD is what I want to be, how I want to act, how I want to do things, how I want to approach (of course with an LY then) things.  So maybe the word is actually BOLDLY.

I am going to eek push a little poem out and sneak deposit it in my pocket.
Scratch those meek words.  I need more flourish to nourish my soul!  (There's a line I can use somewhere else someday.)

(There.  Let's see where this takes me.)

Boldly go,
Boldly speak,
Boldly light,
Boldly seek;
Fear is not
To be my plight,
Just be bold, focused of sight;
Boldly lost,
Boldly won,
Boldly planned,
Boldly done.
Stay the course,
To self be true;
Boldly smile when race is through.

by Donna JT Smith, January 25, 2016

I am not accustomed to being bold most of the time.  I say that, but some would say that isn't true.  I act bold sometimes, but it doesn't come naturally to me in most situations.  I can muster bold when I need to.  It's not very comfortable though.  My boldness can be crushed easily.

But I am going to work on bold boldly this year.  I want to make some bold strides toward what I'd like to accomplish - and hopefully (do bold people say that?) not get crushed.

Here are a few:

- get a poem in a written anthology.  I have no idea how to.
- illustrate a poem and publish it as a children's book.  I have no idea how to do that either.
- continue to lose weight.  I have an idea how to do that.  I just need to stay on this path.
- paint another picture that I wouldn't mind signing.  I'm not feeling bold about this.
- write all manner of meaningful things.  Scary for me.
- be the best me I can.  Can that ever really be done? (No, that wasn't bold...I can see that.)

Are you bold?  Do you travel life's road boldly?

How's this for being bold...oh-so-not-so-bold...
I am tempted to just delete this post.   
djfkljfklajdklfja;lfjf  That is me having a mini-melt.  I am okay.  I'm just not sure what I will do with this word (BOLD, not djfkljfklajdklfja;lfjf).  Not sure if I can live up to it, or hold myself to it.
But I haven't deleted it.
Who's up for getting a post card? (See how I cleverly distracted myself?)

I don't mean to be kind of self-promoting on SOL time, but...

Small print - not really an SOL unless you count it as BOLD, so you can skip this if you like:
Let me remind anyone who would like to take the "How To..." poem challenge, to send it in.  I will post the poems and your blog link this Friday.  (This was a BOLD move - to have an actual challenge posed by me, and that is a BOLD hint.
I am doing a postcard exchange with a small group this month, and have made some postcards - photos I've recently taken, with a haiku written for each.  Would you like an original, hand made (well, iPhone, and computer, and printer made) postcard - photos and poems by me?* 
If you would, I will mail one to you by the end of January**.  Please just email me your mailing address.  There are going to be plenty to go around!  If I find out your address, you may just get one even if you don't want it!  It's just my OLW taking over here! 
Here's my clever email address code so I won't get spam in my "important people" email box: 
d-j-t--sm-ith- -"a-t"--g--ma--il-"d-o-t"--c-o-m  Take out ALL the -dashes-, and use the signs for the "quoted words".  I hate that the computer bots are getting smarter all the time.  I shouldn't have to hide my email to protect it.  But this is one area I won't be bold in.
*I am actually having quite a few postcards printed through VistaPrint - they have a half off sale today.  It does mean they will be a little delayed in getting sent out. 
**You should have it by Valentine's Day at the latest.  Most likely earlier though!  It will still be winter!


  1. I'm glad you pressed publish, and I think you're already bold, all those wonderful words written are bold and beautiful! I would love a postcard, please, and if you've lost my address just let me know. I love hearing about your OLW & the path to it, Donna!

    1. I am up and refreshed this morning, and thinking BOLDLY will be a good word. I have to put it on the refrigerator now and see how it changes my attitude about getting stuff done!
      And You, My Friend, were already on my list to receive a postcard, whether you asked for one or not! Actually, you are the one that made me think - "Hey, why not give one to everyone I have addresses for? Wait, why not anyone who wants one even if I don't have their address?" (a bold thought, I thought).

    2. Thank you, Donna. Glad the morning makes everything look sunny, and bolder!

  2. As Shakespeare said, "Boldness be my friend! Arm me, audacity, from head to foot!"

    1. Oh, well quoted! I almost picked "audacious" but thought it might be a little too bold!
      I have your address and it's on a postcard...

    2. Excited about the postcard! :-)

  3. Love your word. Bold has so many meanings and can be expressed in so many ways. Wishing you well in a bold adventurous year.

    1. It does have so many subtle meanings. I think I can use it in many ways this year! Thanks for visiting today!

  4. Life is too short not to be bold. Good luck reaching all your bold goals!

    1. Thanks, Kate! Boldly heading to do the laundry now...THEN I'm getting my watercolors out! Boldly, of course.

  5. Wow, you've made a bold statement with your OLW, boldly. Here's to an incredible journey with your word! I love that you're planning to put it on the fridge. Headed off to request one of those poems if they're not all gone.

  6. Great word and even the background on your blog looks bold. I would be very pleased to receive one of your original postcard. I will send you my address. Bernadette

  7. "I need more flourish to nourish my soul!" You've inspired BOLDNESS in us all! :-) I'd love a postcard!

    1. I can't locate your address. Could you send it to me? I'll definitely send you a card. Thanks!

  8. Boldly go where you have never been before, Donna. I think your word and poem are a wonderful match for someone who wants to step forward in a BOLD way. BTW: I love your haiku postcards so those who receive them will be in for a treat.


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