It is ALL Good

A few weeks ago, the doctor found a lump, and with confirmation from a second doctor, it was determined that I needed a mammogram asap.
I gathered my relatives and a few close friends - all prayerful, supportive people - to let them know of the situation.  And for two/three weeks we prayed.  I think my husband may have even prayed more than I... prayed earnestly for the lump to be taken away.

Over Christmas, my grandson - 4 years old - visited.  On the day of their departure, he and I were sitting at breakfast together when he asked me, "Nannie, are you going to miss me?"  I told him I would miss him.  He jumped up and said "I'm going to get you something."  He went into his sleeping area and came back with the lamb he plays with while he's here.  "Here, this will help you."
"So I won't miss you?"
"Yeah."  A pause then..."Do you know who loves you?"
"Um...who?" I asked, wondering what he was about to say.
"God.  God loves you.   And you should never give up."
Where in the world did this come from?  Why would he suddenly decide I needed something like a lamb?  Why would he think I needed reminding that God loves me, and that I should never give up?
Why...when I needed to hear those words?  From a four year old at breakfast?  Really?

This morning, I went for my mammogram and ultrasound.  I brought my Lamb.  My husband took the day off in case I would need him, and accompanied me for the testing.  My son joined him in the waiting room, as he just "happened by" after a meeting at the hospital affiliated with the offices.

Mammogram results - normal.  There was nothing there now.
Ultrasound followup results - normal.  There was nothing there.  All test results were normal.

Let me again say, thank you, family and friends.  Thank you, God.  I am amazed.  I am grateful. I am humbled.


  1. Praise God! And what a wonderful grandson. I always remember the story of the men who lowered their friend through a roof so Jesus could heal him--and because of their faith he was forgiven and healed. (Not that you have no faith on your own! But that grandson is pretty spectacular.)

    1. He took my breath away. Not having an inkling of the situation, his words struck me deeply. I will have to remember to write this down for him to see someday when he is able to understand.

  2. Replies
    1. It was great news! It has given us a new appreciation of time.

  3. Wonderful news, you sweet little lamb.

  4. I've been away from reading your posts, so sorry about the worry through this time. How did he know what you needed. Bless the little children! And hugs for your wonderful news.

    1. I tried not to waste time worrying. I am not a very good worrier - in that I never can make things better or change things with my worry, try as I might! I wish I lived close enough to give that little guy another big hug!

  5. All the support you received, especially the grandson's gift and words, mattered. I am glad that all the results were normal

  6. The BEST news and the SWEETEST story. Thank you for sharing and making me smile. So happy for you!

  7. Such good news. I went throughout the same thing last month. Turns out, it was the result of my 2012 car accident in which I had sever trauma to the right side of my body. I did worry and tried not too. I love your lamb.


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