Friday, October 17, 2014

The Fall of the Leaves of Fall

My emaze experiment in poetry is up to share  for Poetry Friday, hosted this week at "Today's Little Ditty" by Michelle Barnes. 
Taking inspiration from Margaret Simon at "Reflections on the Teche", where she posted students' zenos on an emaze, I decided to try out emaze, too.   (Writing some zenos will probably be the next challenge...)
I have been working this week on writing kind of spontaneously about fall and leaves as I take pictures and use the emaze site.  I used some of their sample titles on the templates, sometimes as they wrote it and sometimes adapted, as a starter to a poem about fall.  The titles really didn't refer literally to fall on the presentation, but they lent themselves to inspiration quite well.

Powered by emaze
 I think I've left time enough for reading before it goes automatically to the next slide.  If it's too much time, just click on the arrow to go at your own speed. The text is kind of small reading it on the page, though, so click on the corner arrows to make it full screen.


  1. Nice job, Donna! My favorite poem is "Time to Go."

  2. A beautiful show of Autumn, Donna! My favorite is also "Time to Go"– gotta love those last three lines.

  3. What a fabulous set of photos and poems. Very nice. I like "Changing of the Garb," which could be a sister poem to my this week's post "October Fashion."

  4. That is Emazing! Loved the images and your words. I am envious that blogspot allows the Emaze to be embedded. The free wordpress does not. I hope you will link this post up on Sunday. A great example of a way to use Emaze.

  5. Interesting way to publish your work!

  6. Emaze is cool! I especially like "It's Showtime". =)

  7. Beautiful poems and photos--emaze looks like fun. I really liked Changing of the Garb (which kind of runs along the same vein [ha, ha] as a fall poem I recently wrote.)


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