A Little Something I Just Had to Try

Today is Poetry Friday hosted by Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect!  And for the event I have A Little Something I Just Had to Try...

Laura Purdie Salas has a 15 Word Thursday to write to a picture in 15 words or less.  There were some really awesome lines in the offerings, and they got me excited about writing a "found poem" using lines from those poems - excluding my own, which is here:

old spruce
draws close her counterpane
in autumn’s wane
she knows
the cold to come

(The image looked to me as if the spruce was gathering leaves to cover herself from the coming winter…)

I took lines from the poets posting Thursday on Laura's page.  Go there to see the original posts/poems.  See if you can match up the lines to the poets!
a maple leaf sky this morning in Maine...

Two Worlds

Squirrels, splashing energy -
Bits of gold and green -

Kicking leaves
Amid the clutter

Crackling under feet
The cold is snapping!

Orange-gold leaf kites

Falling into my life,

With a sigh,

In whispering waves
Woven quilt of rustic colors

For winter napping.

Old dog watches the road


Winter’s wrath.

The "found poem" or "composite" was created by lines from these poets:
(Sorry, I don't know these last names or websites, but will add a link if you send it to me.)
Kristi Veitenheimer
Jessica Bigi
Cindy B.
two students: Tyler and Vanissa

Awesome lines!  Thank you for your inspiration!


  1. Nice job, Donna! Thanks for including my line, too. It was a fun exercise to begin with, but you added a whole other dimension!

    1. It was so much fun, especially since the poems had the same theme throughout. Have a beautiful autumn day! It's gorgeous up here in Maine today!

  2. It made a beautiful poem, didn't it? What a lot of work you did for this, Donna. I messed with that poem more than usual, but it's always fun to see what comes of the challenge, & how everyone else sees it. Thanks for including me. A favorite is still your 'counterpane'!

    1. Weren't they awesome lines - and whole original works!
      Stevenson's "The Land of Counterpane" was a favorite of mine when I was a little girl.

  3. What great lines -- loved how you shaped them into a new poem. :)

  4. What a creative idea and a lovely poem! Thanks for sharing your inspiration. It sounds like a fun new game for Friday Poetryers to play!

    1. It would be fun to see if it could be done again some week...

  5. I love how inspiration breeds inspiration! Your own 15wol is magical, Donna.

  6. The composite poem is filled with bold nouns and energetic verbs -- I love the kites, quilts, squirrels and how they move so brightly. What a wonderful weaving together of borrowed lines.

    1. I guess it's a Cento! Who knew? Well, besides Joy! I love learning new things.

  7. Your poem "found" its mark! Great lines throughout. What a fun exercise. =)

  8. Great job. I'm glad my words found their way into a bigger future. Just a few more lines and you'd have a cento. Thank you for sharing the delight of poetry and Maine with me.
    I must say having fall leaves under a conifer sure threw me on the 15 word challenge. I love the picture of your maple.

    1. Wow, I looked up Cento and it is one! I didn't know there was such a thing. I'm glad I didn't try to claim the invention! It was a fun exercise. Thanks for contributing some fine words!

  9. Such inventiveness! I love how you get inspiration everywhere :-)

    1. I'm always trying to turn my distractions into inspirations, if possible! lol!

  10. Now, see--in our gradebooks here in Montgomery County MD you would receive an "ES"--not just P for proficient but Exceeds Standards, showing a deeper understanding of the material. Interesting work!

  11. What a fun challenge! Well done!

  12. These are both lovely, Donna. Thanks for sharing!


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