Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Old Daisy

At Poetry Jam the prompt is to write about a favorite game or something you played as a child.  Well, here it is:

My bike was my horse,
Old Daisy her name,
A blue Schwinn with bell
With manners quite tame,
I rode her up hill
And then rode her down,
All over the country,
Almost into town.
She didn’t eat oats,
She didn’t like hay;
And when offered them
She’d always say “Nay!”
Daisy liked to be brushed
Until her coat glistened
And when I would whisper
My steed always listened.
I yearned for a horse
But my parents were set;
A blue Schwinn named Daisy
Was all I could get.
So Old Daisy and I
Rode off in the sun,
With me pedaling fast
To get her to run.
Old Daisy's at rest now
Where old bike-horses sleep,
Her rusty, bent horse shoes
In some scrap metal heap.

©Donna JT Smith, all rights reserved


  1. Ah, my bike used to be my horse too, so I really enjoyed your poem. Of course, my bike was also my rocker ship as well. Smiles. What fun back in those carefree days.

    1. I only hope that kids are making the same kind of memories we did!

  2. crystal memories...beautiful Donna...

  3. Sadly today most kids today seem to prefer Barbie Horse Adventure on their X box!

    1. I agree...see my reply to Gabriella...it's very sad. They don't even know what they've missed.

  4. I can relate so much to you poem, Donna. I had a lot of fun with my bike. I second Mary here. I think our parents were less obsessed with safety and thus allowed us more freedom and hence more fun.

    1. We are way tooooo concerned with safety nowadays. It has been a crime committed against our young people. I understand the rational concern for safety. All parents have that. But we have gone beyond - into the irrational, creating a bunch of kids that don't do anything beyond their thumbs.

  5. ha. i loved my bike as well...and i can remember finding my first one in a tree after a flood...itwas like it was from heaven....we used to ride everywhere...and wreck...oh my....and get right back up and keep at it...

    1. What an awesome find! A heaven-sent bike! And yes, we used to have more bumps and scrapes out there - lots of dusting off and trying again!

  6. Did we all want horses when we grew up? I had to settle for my bike as well--as did my kids. You poem has a nice flow to it. Reads very well.

    1. I loved watching Roy Rogers and Gene Autry...oh, and Bonanza...for the horses! No horses on TV now - hmmm.

  7. Lovely, i remember Cowboys and Indians and my bike being my horse, love the way this flows.


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