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Last week I went for a drive with a friend to look at some potential "fun spots" for a soon to be 3 year old boy to visit while he is here.  On the meandering trip back from those places, we came across this scene.
You have heard the saying "A boat is a hole in the water into which you pour money”, and then there is "A yacht is a hole in the water lined with wood, into which you pour money".
But this lobster boat?  It looks like a boat trying to plug the hole in the water, or a boat actually being sucked down the hole in the water.  Soon there will be nowhere to toss the money in.
You can tell boats don't really have hearts, nor feel true compassion.  There were other boats nearby.  They weren't even facing this boat.  They never looked at it, nor did they try to help.  Could it be that they wanted to, but because they were all moored, they knew they couldn't reach it to rescue it.  So they all turned away so as not to see the sad plight of the lobster boat.  Salty tears in a salty sea...sure they have hearts!
Or maybe these boats are tethered to their spots so they are far enough away so as not to be able to reach one another (you know, like dogs in their separate kennels so they won't tear each other apart!). 
Maybe boats would fight at night if they weren't tied fast separately.  Maybe one did break away and bully this boat right into the sea.
Wow! I've never thought of that.  Some of these boats have "tough" names.  They might be "ocean bullies".  Of course, most of them are named with women's names...remember Roller Derby?

At any rate, whatever is really going on in the secret lives of boats, the owner of this boat is not going to be very pleased with the leakage issue here.  There will be no "quick bailing and sailing" when he gets there.  There will be rowing and towing though.
I'm happy not to own a boat.


  1. Oh no, I'm happy not to own a boat too, although in the past, canoes have been a part of our lives. What a sight, Donna. I'm on my way with an almost 3 year old, a 5 year old & an almost 13 year old to MO to visit family. We have to create many car games for this venture, & stories! Hope you have good adventures too!

  2. Meandering thoughts about this poor sinking boat. We live on the bayou and when the water was high, we were gifted with a random boat. The things you see floating by are amazing. But I've never seen this. Thanks for the smile!

  3. What fun thoughts you've given to this scene. I do hope it wasn't a case of bullying. Thanks for the smile you produced by your clever writing today.

  4. Your wondering drew me into a creative story that leaves me with new ideas to ponder, too. That is the best thing about noticing, writing and reading! Thanks, Donna.


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