Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How Can You Make a River?

I am not really back, but have a couple of minutes to spare.   I am still in waa-waa land with my new granddaughter, and old grandson (ha!).  He does look so big and grown up now next to a newborn!
I will be purchasing a new car when I return.  Mine was officially "totaled" in our accident 3 weeks ago on our trip to be with our daughter and son-in-law at the birth of our second grandchild.
Poetry Jam today calls for a poem about " 'wet or dry' and to reflect on rain or lack of.....Or you can think of rain or drought metaphorically."

when the rain stopped
my mother taught us
to connect puddles
to make rivers
with a stick
dig a trench
from top of the driveway
to the bottom
trace a line from one puddle to another
watch a puddle empty
and the next one fill
break off a bit of stick
to float down your river
see how far it can go
before you poke it back into the flow
she was drying out the driveway
we were making rivers
floating boats
getting wet
though I don’t remember the latter
I just assume it
how can you make a river
and not get wet?


  1. I like the lessons your mother taught you. I remember playing around outside with the puddles and sticks as well. Always in my bare feet. And yes, sailing stick boats as well. Those were the days of childhood, and you captured them well in this poem.

  2. This is utterly delightful and resurrects so many of my childhood memories ~~ playing in the rain. Congrats on the new grand baby.

  3. Your mother was very cool. A lot of mothers prefer their kids not to play in the rain. Thank you for sharing your childhood scene and making me think of mine.

  4. Beautifully shared story. Glad to hear from you, Donna, and hope you are having lots and lots of fun with that new little one, and of course, the old one!

  5. Wonderful!

    I have played the same game. Thanks for awaking the memory.

  6. a means to an end...but a bit of magic in it as well for the little ones...we used to float paper boats...and i like connecting the dots on the window, drawing rivers....

  7. delightful childhood memories....thanks for the post

  8. How creative your Mom was! And what a fun thing to do on a dirt driveway. Good think it was sloped! Fun memory here

  9. Beautifully written and a hint of magic in there

  10. a delightful piece and Congrats on the new grand baby

    much love

  11. Ah-h-h, this is such a charming page from your childhood, Donna, that really evokes the warmth and love of a happy experience with your Mom - a lovely memory, that returns with the rain. Sigh . . . Wonderful!

  12. ... love it. Children take such different lessons from parents' instruction ... and then when we're adults and think back, there is that 'ah-ha' moment ...

  13. I love the picture your words paint and the peaceful feeling your words leave in me. Brilliant! PS. I still make rivers when it's rained outside, but only when no one else sees... *smile*

  14. Beautiful! I felt like I was right there with you making that river. :)

  15. What a lovely poem. I loved every bit of it. How could I not? Every line had meaning and imagery.


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