The True Christmas Trees of Maine

A white pine near the house
We have snow in Maine, and we have ice, especially near the coast where we are.  Over the past couple of weeks, we have had plenty of both.  November through April can be a harsh time. Over the past two or three days we have had ice after two snowstorms of a foot apiece.  Most people in Maine have lost power for the past 24 to 40 hours and some still don't have it back.  For a good number of people here there will be no Christmas dinner served at their home today and there will be no Christmas lights on the tree.  Today and tonight the temperatures will be plummeting and those that have power may lose it again.  But still, in all the dangers of frigid weather, in its harshness, there is a beauty that cannot be ignored.

When I went outside yesterday and saw the ice covered landscape, I knew I was seeing the true trees of Christmas.  There was no way to capture the amazing beauty with my phone camera, but I did my best.  The one image I wish I could have gotten was the one with the icy trees bending over the road ahead as a car was about to round a corner or come up over the top of a hill.  Its headlights lit up the trees, making them shimmer and sparkle.  It felt as if we were driving through a cathedral.  It was so beautiful and unreal.  And now for some of the pictures I captured yesterday as we drove through our winter wonderland.  These are the true Christmas trees of Maine.

A hemlock on the corner of our driveway
Birches on our road - they don't recover well
Touching the ground - not good
But this one made it...reaching for the sky!

A large pine bough, all frozen together.

My favorite, ice encrusted and illuminated by a parking lot light.
Merry Christmas, trees!
Merry Christmas, all!


  1. Those are great pictures!
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks! I love looking at icy trees. Took some more on Christmas morning when the sun was out. So gorgeous! Merry Christmas!

  2. So very beautiful! I am sorry for all your inconveniences, and I hope that improves soon. Meanwhile, thank you for sharing the beauty around you.

    1. Thanks! The good thing is, they are merely inconveniences! It was very cold last night and it is snowing again! Walking is treacherous today with a skim of snow on ice. But it is so very beautiful from indoors, especially! We're having Christmas on Monday when my grown children and grandson can be here, so I'm having an extended Christmassy feeling! Yea! Let it snow...


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