Christmas is Coming Soon

Christmas for us will not be until Monday, so yesterday was a time of baking, cleaning and listening to Christmas carols.  It finally felt like a day to get ready for Christmas! I enjoyed the day at home. I made my Christmas Cake - pistachio, pecan, almond green and yellow coffee cake.  It's only available on Christmas week - maybe a few days before Christmas and up to the new year.  Then it goes away until the next year.

Christmas Night was time for family and church.  We went to evening services.  Just because it's Christmas, doesn't mean there aren't the usual open doors on a Wednesday night.  As a matter of fact it was kind of special feeling to have a post-wrapping paper clutter get-together, even though we haven't done that yet.

Our own children weren't around us, so I got to see my nieces and nephew and their spouses and children and give them attention that I might not have given otherwise.  I could hold the newest member of our family, my brother's daughter's infant.  I could delight in the four year old granddaughter, who came up to the pulpit to give her grandfather an impromptu kiss as he addressed the congregation.

I listened as my brother's son, now a preacher in his own right, gave a Christmas message.  Where did the time go?  I remember when he was four, standing on my couch, and I told him to get down...rebellion.  Now a preacher.  Still a bit rebellious...stepping over the carved cherry rail to get to the lectern and begin his message, saying "I've always wanted to do that!"

It was a day with my son working, and bringing him some cake to share with his co-workers, as he worked two double shifts for Christmas eve though the day after Christmas.  What a guy.   Some others could have a family Christmas time.  It was a gift to others.  Of course, he did make some extra pay for it... but it was still a great thing.  And we have to wait until his sister, her husband and their son get here anyway.  We're in no hurry.  We can celebrate this day any day of the year!

And it is snowing.  Again.  Snow over ice.

Friends of ours had a car accident this week and the father/husband is now in the hospital in IC.  Their son suffered a broken arm.  They are waiting to celebrate Christmas, also.  They are in no hurry now.  They will celebrate when everyone is home again.  They can add to their celebration the fact that they can celebrate together this year.

We will finally (weather permitting, again) do our church Christmas program with the kids this Sunday.  Snow and ice delayed the celebration.  But we are in no hurry.  We can still celebrate.  Every day is cause for celebration.

Christ's birth wasn't really December 25th anyway.  Maybe we'll accidentally celebrate it on the right day.

And really, isn't any day, the right day for a celebration?
Iced and now frosted... if a tree could shiver...


  1. Donna, this is so nice to read. We used to wait until New Year's Day to celebrate our Christmases do my son and daughter-in-law could be with her family in Missouri. You are so right. Everything can wait until it's the right time for you. Your Christmas time sounds just wonderful. I have a nephew who became a minster a few years ago. I would love some day to hear him preach. Lots of love to appreciate in all our family! Thanks for this. My son & family are off skiing with friends today so I'm cleaning up a little, reading some posts, and my book, just enjoying the day. Our weather is warm, very strange. I'm sorry about your friend's accident, & hope he is soon all right. Have to count the blessings every day! Merry Christmas again!

    1. Merry Christmas, Linda! Lots and lots to be thankful for! I'm enjoying this anticipation of more Christmas to come. I am slowly sorting/cleaning/making a mess and taking breaks to listen to instrumental Christmas music on Pandora. The snow, falling softly but thick, seems to be falling in rhythm to Silent Night on the stereo. I think I'll just sit a bit!

  2. This is beautiful! The waiting and anticipating is one of the best parts of the season to me. And while the rest of us are in the busy flurry of after Christmas cleanup, you are still in the Advent season. How delightful!

    1. It was a wonderfully long time for celebrating! It even included more ice and a nice overnight blizzard while everyone was here. Great indoor celebration weather!

  3. Very nice! Reading it a bit late, but it's always a good time to celebrate a lovely post, right? :-)


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