Friday, November 15, 2013


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Do you remember sleepovers?
We had sleepovers with friends and cousins, and they always went the same way. 
Food, playing, laughter, whispering, getting scolded for still being awake - really, what did they think would happen? - scary stories, pillow fights, and 3 am.
I can still bring up memories of those late nights - early mornings - the first time you knew that night really did become morning again - the wonderful feeling of being awake when no one else in the world was (or so we thought).  It was an experience that could only be truly appreciated in childhood.  You see the same late to early hours in motherhood, but somehow they aren't as exciting then.


Up to the bedroom
Scampering in haste,
Squealing and giggles,
There’s no time to waste;
It’s sleepover night,
There’s big fun in store,
Throw down sleeping bags,
Toss pillows galore;
Yankings of blankets,
Punches of pillows,
Fighting with feathers,
Laughter in billows,
Chips in pajamas,
Graham crackers in hair,
Flashlights in bedsheets,
And whispers to scare;
Reprimands called out,
"Keep quiet up there!"
More stifled giggles -
Were they not aware?
It’s sleepover night,
There’s no time to sleep,
So much to be done,
Night watches to keep;
But just when it seems,
The daylight will come,
Eyelids are drooping,
Heads nod one by one;
A spidery pile
Of legs and of arms,
No one is stirring
Nor hearing alarms,
For sleepover night
Is not what it seems:
It’s stay awake night,
And good morning dreams.


  1. I never really had "sleepovers." Not the kind with more than one person. It was just "spending the night" when it was just one friend and a "sleepover" if it was a 2 or more, but I never got to have those. Still, what I remember best about having friends spend the night was the lying in bed awake and talking and the responses getting farther and farther apart until someone quit answering. Then both people quit answering.

    1. Yes, "spending the night" was different. And I remember those farther and farther apart conversations until someone didn't respond and the other drifted away soon after! If it was more than two, the activity level was higher, so the awake event lasted longer! Somehow you always fell asleep unawares.

  2. Now my grandson talks about his sleepovers and being so tired on Sat. or Sun., yes, boys too have them! Although I'm not sure they talk as much as play games like on the WII. I remember on where there must have been 20 of us all piled in a basement, such fun! Love what you've done with this, Donna, the excellent rhymes all the way through! And love "billows of laughter"-just sweet!

    1. Good times! The closest we come to this as adults and teachers is those overnight away workshops with late night get-togethers for conversation and laughter.

  3. What a great poem -- definitely brought back lots of memories. It was so exciting staying up all night -- not sure about walking around in a daze the next day, though. :)

  4. Oh, I do love this, Donna, and such truth you speak! Thanks for bringing back fun memories. :)

  5. Ah, this brings back memories of my kids and their sleepovers. I remember not sleeping very much, either, and re-thinking the very idea of sleepovers, until they asked again, and I said yes, again, and was tired for days after! Especially like those closing lines!

  6. Hi Donna, my daughter has good friends who come over for sleepovers, and I can attest to the truth in these beautiful lines. Made me smile as I remember the girls squealing and giggling from behind closed doors. :)

  7. Loved sleepovers - still do. When we visit my sister one state away both the kids and the adults get to enjoy the sleepover!


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