A is for AM I L8T

It is the first day of the AtoZ Challenge!  Welcome.  This year I am continuing to write a poem a day (except for Sundays - but I may have one non-A to Z poem) using the vanity plates I spied since last year.

Today is the letter A, and here are the plates I found:


I chose AM I L8T...


How can it be?
Really, AGAIN?
I set my clock
For half past ten.
So much time before
my date
But suddenly
I'm running late.
The cat needs food,
the dog does, too.
Now where'd it go?
I need my shoe
Oh, real cute dog,
thanks a bunch!
You had to eat my
shoe for lunch?
Different shoes,
Pick a dress.
Comb my hair -
I look a mess!
Now I'm really
in a rush
Where's my toothpaste?
Where's my brush?
Coat and purse.
Find the door.
Pick my keys up
Off the floor!
Wait... I think there's
one more thing -
The alarm was set -
it didn't ring!
The sky is dark?
Well this is great -
I have 12 hours
before I'm late.

by Donna JT Smith

Have a calm, running on-time day!  See you B-for you know it!

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  1. Hurrah for poetry month! And for the return of your licence plate extravaganza! This is meant to be funny, I know, but it is alarming when the 'alarm' gets mixed up! (I think it would be a fun picture book, Donna.)

    1. My son actually did this when he was working nights at a Denny’s. Came home slept an hour, got up, looked at the clock and thought he was late for his shift. It was AM not PM. Didn’t realize the mistake until he got to work and realized these weren’t the people he worked with on his shift! Came back home to sleep some more!

  2. What a clever idea! I never thought to "collect" vanity plates! I'm sure how I missed you yesterday for the first A day, but now I'll come back. Thanks for coming to my blog and letting me know about you! I noticed your name right off, it's the same as my sister-in-law's.


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