Thursday, March 7, 2019

Spiritual Thursday - Balance


I don’t know why this is a hard one for me to write about.  But just as soon as that sentence hit the page, I realized why - because in so many ways my life feels like it is no longer in balance, or feels like it is struggling to warp or trying to wrangle a rein out of my hand. I have been struck with a dizziness one might have walking on a tightrope, or standing on a ledge.  It's a new feeling because I have felt quite "balanced" for most of my life.

Aside from all the greater issues threatening to upset the balance, the smaller decisions even seem looming - things like having to weigh the necessity of each item in our lives (and then try to remember what our decision was!): move it to PA, pack it for the someday of “back to Maine” (and where to put it since the house isn't finished), sell it, toss it, or give it away?  Rent Georgetown home/sell it?

Balance has been an issue in our church life.  Recently we became members and started attending our new church in Maine which is closer to the home we had INTENDED to be in by now - but the house is still unfinished.  There have been some health issues with the pastor’s sweet wife that have put them off balance.  I try to balance with them, but it is hard from this distance now.  I pray balance.

Then, since we have relocated for a while, we had to find another church in PA for our time here.  The members at this church are searching for a new pastor after the death of their pastor.  They also have been thrown off balance for a time.  I pray balance.

Balance.  There is almost nothing or no one in our lives right now that has not been upset, toppled, or unsteady.  When others in your life are at that "unbalanced" state, you also lose a bit of your balance.  Everyone affects everyone else.  Everyone needs to stay strong for everyone else.  We need each other to hold onto and steady ourselves and steady others in doing that.  Otherwise it becomes a domino game.

Not that some of it isn’t good still.  There’s just nothing that is still as it was only a year ago, and some situations are hard to understand or accept.  Things have hopped on or jumped off our seesaw.  But there is still a fulcrum in our lives and the seesaw has not fallen off its center. We have just gone up and down, changing our perspective on things as our views change, even if we haven't moved much horizontally.

We still seek to maintain our balance.  But whether our toes touch the ground, or are dangling in midair, we are trying to remember to enjoy the ride.  The views have just changed, and we will look back someday (or someone will!) and smile at the work that was being done while we were distracted with making sure we were landing on our feet.

It's kinda like lifting your feet, so someone can sweep under them.  Something is being tidied, each time I'm tossed...and someday, when I land I'm going to find out what it was... I'm sure.


Between the mire and glassy blue
Aiming for the perfect pitch
Lisping, listing, existing to
Attain a yet unweathered niche, a
Nest for a sweet rest, a
Comfort in uncertainty
Equilibrium's serenity.

By Donna JT Smith, 3/3/2019

I don't think this is very cohesive today.  But that's what happens when your balance is precarious, LOL!  Thanks, Doraine for hosting today!


  1. Wow! Such insight borne of struggle here. Your seesaw analogy is perfect. I was especially touched by, “But there is still a fulcrum in our lives and the seesaw has not fallen off its center.”. Praying for you, my friend.

    1. I am certainly accepting ALL the prayers offered. God knows our needs, and though they are great to us, they are not to Him.

  2. Donna: Thank you for this wonderful post. If you happen upon the comments in Dori's blog you will see that I am off balance today also, but my issues sound less onerous than yours. I pray for you to find balance. Thanks for your poem, it is wonderful. Also... I love this reminder and thought you might like it also:
    Julian of Norwich: God is the still point, at the center, utterly at home, God lives in us forever.

    1. Thanks, Karen. I did read yours and was going to try to get to your blog and comment even if the post wasn't there! We do have some serious issues that I need to stay appropriately focused on - meaning stop focusing on the issue and focus on God instead. I do keep handing it off to God, but fail to frequently when I take it back again...prayers are much appreciated. I will be praying for you also. I believe, like sin, problems are the same severity to God - I'm thinking only WE quantify and qualify magnitude. Thank you for your encouragement today! Breathe in, breathe out!

  3. When things get off kilter as we get older, I think it's easier to have a strong perspective. You've seen the light. You know it's coming even if it's still far in the distance. You are acting as the fulcrum which can be a heavy burden. God is with you and will lighten it for you if you let Him.

    1. Donna SmithMarch 7, 2019 at 3:13 PM

      It's true. I don't need to be the fulcrum. And I am working on that. Thanks, Margaret. I am making it a focus to read ALL these encouraging and reaffirming posts on balance today. It should be my OLW, too! There is so much to be thankful for.

  4. Donna, you've been through so much lately! I think it's the same for me about accepting the imbalance... the more I resist, the more imbalanced I feel! Hang in there. xo

    1. Writing this "balance" post and READING everyone else's has done an amazing job on my heart. There is a difference I can feel. Thanks, Irene.

  5. I hope you find balance again soon!


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