Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day

Today is Poetry Friday hosted at Elementary Dear Reader.

Spring is arriving slowly, but it is happening in some places, as we discovered on a recent visit to see my daughter's family!
(As a Monday, May 4, note: We are back in Maine and it did not follow us.)

Welcome Spring

Sweet Spring had not shown up here yet,
And so we took a drive
To find out just where Spring had stopped
And unpacked when it arrived.

We had to drive 400 miles
To see Spring's satchel spewed -
And if they weren't such splendid things
We'd call this littering rude!

Forsythia and daffodil
And cherry blossoms scattered
Well cushioned in the fields of green
Replaced all worn and tattered.

Today we drove to greet the Spring
And met it face to face,
And told Spring it was welcome north
To unpack and warm our place!

Donna JTSmith, 2015 copyright


  1. I hope it comes to visit soon, Donna! Love this: "And if they weren't such splendid things/
    We'd call this littering rude!" Happy May!

  2. Yes, I hope it comes soon, too. I'm stunned it isn't there yet. You are sure going to appreciate it when it arrives--as you did when you arrived to find it. You flipped this around and captured how precious Spring is. I love "Spring's satchel spewed" both in sounds and image. "Scattered" is a great word, too, as are the lovely names of specific flowers.

  3. I love the idea of driving to greet spring!
    Love visiting your blog and wanted to thank you for visiting mine. You won Irene Latham's book Dear Wandering Wildebeest! Congratulations!.
    Contact me at

  4. I love that spewed satchel! Hoping spring finds its way to you soon!


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