Friday, June 2, 2023

A Quarantine Remembrance in Canva and More


I did this movie in Canva after I wrote the poem.  It was fun to play in, and most is free online.  You can buy the version with more features/options, but the basic free online version is pretty great.

I know I have been pretty on and off here, and everyone's been very understanding and supportive.  I appreciate that.  

Recently, in the last week and a half, there have been some quieter times, and I've been able to write a bit more, sleep a bit more, get a few things taken care of and just concentrated on my own health.  

I'm wearing a Garmin watch my son gave me for Mother's Day to track my heart rate, number of steps, stress levels and sleep patterns.  I've listened to relaxing music, sat in the day, after getting up for breakfast at 8:30 I returned to bed and napped until 3:15 while hub watched tv in the same room.  That day my Garmin said my "Body Battery" was only 33% charged, but that's the highest I've managed so far and better than the 5% it has mostly been!  Needless to say, I am wearing myself out!

But I promise, I am staying in the game!

My blood pressure is coming down on its own, I have a washer and dryer now so I don't have to drive an hour to do laundry (though I have to cut into the wall to hook up the dryer hose so I can use it), and I'm walking one mailbox farther than I had been before my back seizes up!  Months off from the fall downstairs with it's surgery recovery, plus a year off for nerve spasms in my back from the Covid vaccine, plus the stress of almost losing our son to myocarditis/valve replacement/recovery complications have added stress weight and cost me some muscle.

BUT!! But, things are improving.  I WILL survive!  And my son is fine now.  He has a great new job, and his heart is working beautifully.  Can't ask for more!

Seriously, should see the inside of our, you shouldn't.
Not the vision I had when we started 11 years ago, to renovate this to our little retirement home.  We are still living in a storage unit/hoarder's home environment.  When I have the energy, I am going to make this what I envisioned, and I want that to happen BEFORE I'm here aloner than I am now!  He deserves to see it and live in it completed.  So we are chipping away at it as I can.  That too WILL happen!

More poetry goodness is to be found scattered across the fields of the Internet today...go to the links you will find on Tricia's page The Miss Rumphius Effect where she is hosting Poetry Friday!


  1. You know the ocean so such an apt poem gave me a big smile, Donna. Love that a fish may choose its own routine, & love the jolly music, beautiful illustrations. Glad that you have some good personal news & are taking it step by step, as you should! My favorite quote for various challenges through my years: "Let's just muddle through today. That's what I say. We can't take care of tomorrow until it gets here." Elizabeth George

  2. Great comparison, as lockdown did have that surreality/timelessness that underwater has. Beautiful video! I'm happy you're making progress, 1 nap/1 day at a time!

    1. The last few years have depleted my "battery" so much! I am in awe that a watch can tell you so much - and seems accurate. Got lots of sleep last night and my daily body battery level rose from 5% to 37% - my highest reading yet! I think sleep is really key.

    2. How can my own blog see me as anonymous. I'm going to have to check into this! I shouldn't need to put in my url and name...nor should anyone else. Grrr.

  3. "when fishes dream" --- I love how your poem freed me from time; felt suspended, yes, as in quarantine... well done!

  4. Thanks! I had fun with the process after writing it.

  5. Donna, your poetry creation is totally wonderful! I'm so glad you shared it today and so glad that your health is improving and your son is doing well also. What a lot you have going on. I'm always impressed by healing and you have been wise to take care of yourself.

  6. What a wonderful way to animate your poem! Lovely. Thanks for the update on your progress. You've been dealing with so much ... keep putting one foot in front of the other. ❤️

  7. Donna, your Canva video poem is marvelous. I sense some personal thoughts related to your own life and others' lives during Quarantine time. I am thinking of you often and hoping that you feel better soon. You are a survivor. May faith bring you peace.


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