Sunday, March 11, 2018

March Madness Round 2 Poems Ready!

My watercolor relation to any cows in Round 2...and there are a few!

Round 2 in the Madness Poetry Tournament, held by Ed DeCaria has begun with the second assigned word, and a new authlete "opponent".    I'm in to this round in a bout with J.J. Close - a formidable opponent!  We got our word  on Friday and had 36 hours to write a poem.
Voting for these bouts is now open, and close this Tuesday.

My first round word was "imbroglio" - this round is "untenable"!  Lots of challenging words and fun kid poems in this round!
It is not too late:  If you have a classroom or are a homeschooler - register your students as a class, have them read, talk about the poems, and then decide how they'll vote!!  You will feel extra ready for April's poetry month.  They may want to set up a classroom challenge on their own with a word of the day to write to???  Or not.  And of course, any adult can go there to vote.  You will need to register with an email address before being able to vote.  All poems are geared to PreK through grade 12 - but most are aimed at about the 8-13ish age range.

You can go here to see list of matchups and words.  Click on each link there to read the poems and to vote:

And don't forget to put your Ekphrastic poem on the padlet for the chance to win a jar of jelly beans.  Drawing is March 31 9 pm...the day before Easter!


  1. I love your cow! When I retire I want to learn to paint. Right now I can't add one more thing to my life, but my retirement list is growing and growing. I'm a bit jealous of you. Great to connect again!

    1. Retirement has given me time to write lots, paint a bit, and get my motorcycle license (and a motorcycle - that wasn't even ON my list!)

  2. Oh wow! I'm impressed. A Harley chick! That certainly isn't on my list, but my mom did the same thing when she retired. She loves her motorcycle.


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