Friday, March 16, 2018

Madness Poems

Though I realize many of my Poetry Friday friends may have read these two poems, I decided to fudge a bit and post them here for today.  Now to concentrate on the A to Z poems for April!  I will be doing Maine Vanity Plates A to Z with a poem for each!  Sunday, April 1 will be the first one, but no A to Z posts on Sundays in this challenge.  If you're amind to join in, sign up at
On of my all-time favorites found on a family van!
Solar Bear dressed for spring rain...
 The second poem was my favorite of the two.  The Authletes liked it, but I could have used more student votes on that one.  Ah, well.  I shall try again.

This is my poem for Round 1 (word: imbroglio) a limericky poem, lots of tweakes and to make the rhyming format, there was only one spot I didn't like, but couldn't manipulate enough without starting over:

Bought a fudgy ice cream on a stick;
Thought I’d ride my bike and take a lick.
  Bike in full command,
  Hit puddles and dry land,
Then I spied a hill that made me sick.

Twirling pedals blurred and madly whirled,
Held on tight, my toes were even curled!
  Lost control of brake,
  Ice cream was at stake;
Down the hill at great speed I was hurled.

Whizzing past the trees, a dog, a car.
Landed in a bush, saw twinkly stars;
  Bike and fudgy spewed,
  Body black and blued,
From where I am imbroglio is never far.

by Donna JT Smith ©2018

This was my poem for Round 2 (word: untenable).  It had lots of tweaks to make some able/ible internal rhymes, end of stanza rhymes, reference to the moon with lunatic, the 500 wd. limit, rhythm, etc. so I, personally, enjoyed the complexity of the simple here when I was done:
Sour Cream Dream

They say my goal’s untenable,
Illogical, has flaws;
That it is quite improbable,
As everyone guffaws.
They tease!
A big mistake, impossible!
They say to think it through;
But I know I can do it,
I’d hoped that they would, too.
Oh, please!
It isn’t inconceivable;
I’ve heard it from a spoon!
Some lunatic jumped over it,
But I’ll land ON the moon!
Mm, cheese!
Then they’ll all say “Remarkable!
Is it cheddar, Swiss or Jack?”
When I’m the first bovine to bring
Moon dairy products back!
Ahh, bries! 

by Donna JT Smith ©2018
Solar Bear in mittens an a winter snow that boots needed!
Don't forget the padlet with the pastel of the stuffed bear...
I am looking for poems - ekphrastic poems to go with the artwork.  Here's the link for info and the Padlet. that I put up last Friday!  There are jellybeans at stake!!
Then off to visit Linda Baie for the Poetry Friday Spring Roundup!!


  1. I love both your poems, Donna, and think that second one is so clever. Have fun with the A to Z!

    1. You should do A-Z. You could take pictures of stuff a to z and write a haiku like thingy! Or just post the picture without a poem or write-up. Or just do some of it!

  2. These are great poems, Donna. I especially like the second one. :-)
    Thanks for your comment on my sonnet last week--I've been offline and haven't had a chance to respond until today. Happy Poetry Friday!

  3. Congrats on two great Madness poems...whether they both advanced you or not!!

    1. Got to round 2 at least! Round 3 poems are sooo much longer! It would have been fun to keep going, but I'm happy to have tried and lost, too!


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