Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ekphrastic Poetry

Here's the image posted on Laura Shovan's FB page for the group doing an Ekphrastic Poem a day throughout the month of February.  Today all are writing a poem with this artwork as the inspiration.

It is my turn to post a piece of artwork for others to write to.
This piece has no signature.  It is a piece my mother gave to me one Christmas.  They owned an antique store, so many of my gifts were of the "gently used" kind!  As it is a handmade piece from quite a while ago, I can see no reason not to be able to use it freely, as "Artist Unknown".
FB Post:
I am working off an iPad away from home (on a train all day yesterday’s) as of 3 am Tuesday, so this whole process is a little slower and off kilter for me. But I got my picture posted and my poem written at last. Just having trouble manipulating the image with my poem in it without taking too much time away from grandkids!

Her linen hooped,
Her needle keen,
She stitched the ground
Began her scene.
There grew a stalk
With running stitch
Tall and green,
Without a hitch.
Her knotted stitches
Formed a berry,
While neath it all
A bunny merry
Hopped into view
To add some motion
Giving the scene
Sweet Spring’s emotion.
She asked her mom
If she was through,
If there was more
that she should do.
Mom looked and smiled,
“Enough today
Why don’t you take 
some time to play?”
And off she skipped
With time to spend
Not with needle
But paper and pen
Embroidering words
Like colored dreams
More vivid than
Her linen scenes.

By Donna JT Smith


  1. Hi Donna, there is no image here. As I am not on FB I am unable to access it that way. I'm curious now to see what your mother gave you. :)

    With smiles, Jenny

    1. Lol! I just checked this last night.... I’m on a train today with phone and iPad. Will try to edit and insert the picture and poem when I’m on Amtrak and not this commuter! Check back later!


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