Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday is

Oh, wow.  I wasn't sure of what I'd write today, and had just started writing the title to my post when the phone rang.  I stopped at "Friday is", and answered the phone.

It was one of my brothers. Now I have something to write about.

On Wednesday he was attacked by a pit bull when he was out jogging.  
He sustained multiple bites up his legs, requiring stitches in his ankle by the Achilles tendon.  He won't be jogging for a bit.  
The dog is in quarantine and then will most likely be put down.  The dog came tearing out of a house at him.  The owners tried to stop the dog and chase it off, but it circled him and came back, attacking four times. My brother was finally able to get himself into an enclosed porch and relative safety.

Scary.  He and his wife had been out jogging together, but his wife had stopped jogging just before reaching that house and headed back home.  He jogged on a bit farther, before turning around.  It was on his return trip past the house when the pit bull attacked.

Six weeks prior to this, the dog had attacked someone, but no charges were filed - a family member perhaps?  The dog should have been taken care of then, but it wasn't.

There are lots of kids that play outside in that neighborhood and a home with older people who go out with walkers.  Was this a blessing in disguise?  I think so.

My brother was able to withstand the attack and get himself to safety.  Yes, he was badly hurt, but almost anyone else would have been killed that day.  Or another day in the near future.  It comes so close on the heels (June 6) of a child being killed in Maine by a pit bull.

We need responsible dog owners.  We need people to realize that first and foremost a dog is a dog, not a human, not a toy, not a baby... and, as such, it has instincts.  Even when you try to train and domesticate the "fire" out of them, it is still there.  They are a dog.


They wag,
they run,
they sniff,
they fetch,
they slobber
on your toes;
But always be
aware that
they have
nobody knows.

by Donna JT Smith, June 17, 2016

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  1. That is a terrifying experience. I'm so sorry that happened to your brother. I hope he heals quickly!

    I second the need for responsible dog owners. I remember one day when I was out jogging with my dog, and we were charged by four dogs who were not listening to their human. Fortunately, neither I nor my dog was injured, but it was certainly scary, and my pup's been wary of dogs coming at her ever since.

    1. He was fortunate to be in very good shape, and that he could give some thought as to what he should do to save himself. He is so thankful that the dog hadn't chosen to attack his wife.

  2. Your poor brother! How awful. That's outrageous that the family didn't look after the dog better after it had attacked someone six weeks prior!

    1. We had one of our own dogs put down years ago when it attempted an attack on our then 5 year old son. A growl and a lunge at our son was all it took. It was the last time that dog was seen. The vet congratulated us on our quick decision. A dog doesn't get a second chance.

  3. So glad your brother will recover. And, I"m sorry to see this.
    I thought I didn't have a contribution to Poetry Friday today as it was my last day of school for the year as a Teacher Librarian. But, waving good bye to the kids on the busses gave me a poem that I posted. Poetry is
    Well done, you...especially the "thoughts nobody knows"

    1. You just never know what they will see as a threat to themselves or their "pack" of humans.

  4. That is scary. I'm glad your brother is okay. A child has no chance with a pit bull.

    1. No chance with a pit bull and I've seen plenty of scars on children from other breeds of dogs in my years as a teacher. Their faces are at just the right level.

  5. This is so, so scary. Pit bulls are banned in Denver, although I have friends who swear that they are really sweet dogs, when they are raised right. I'm glad your brother will be ok.

    1. Pit bulls are great, usually, with their families. But totally untrustworthy around anyone else. There are too many "but they've never done that before!" excuses.

  6. I'm so sorry, and glad your brother was strong enough to finally get to safety, Donna. As Carol wrote, pit bulls are banned here, but I think all dogs should be watched around small children for sure. They are, as you wrote so well, dogs with instincts we may not understand, but there.

  7. Oh dear, how scary for your brother! Your poem sounds the warning so well and in a non-accusatory way, non-confrontational way.

  8. I am finding your blog for the first time on the Summer Road Trip. I like the incentive to keep finding new bloggers. I live with a couple of pit bulls behind us that should be taken away from their owners. They too seem dangerous after neglect in a pen that leaves them alone and unhappy. It makes me furious that the authorities say they can't do anything as long as there is shelter and water. It isn't right that this breed continues to be a danger to people. I sympathize with all of you. On a happier note....this June I have been writing a series of posts about summertimes when I was growing up to help remind others what summer was once about. Let me know what you think if you have time to drive by.

  9. What an unusual perspective, to see the attack as a blessing in disguise - but when you look at it like you did, it certainly is. Your poem is short and snappy - but not as snappy as a pit bull! Glad that your brother was not more seriously injured!


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