Congratulations, Irene, on your tenth blogiversary!  Thanks for inviting me to this totally WILD celebration of ten years of blogging!

One of Irene's blog posts back in August this year she told of seeing the wild ponies of Chincoteague and Assateague at the annual Pony Penning Week.  As a young girl I'd read and seen a movie about this event and was fascinated with it.  I'd wanted a horse all my life and finally as an adult, I bought my first horse... but that's a blog post for another time.

With my new pencils just itching to be used, I decided to try a horse and a WILD haiku in honor of Irene's 10th blogiversary:

It's going to be quite a WILD day!  Enjoy every moment! Congratulations, Irene Latham!  And continue to live your poem!
Live Your Poem has more wildness going on with wild links galore!  Check 'em out!


  1. Your artistic talents have no bounds, Donna. This is beautiful, 'unfettered" indeed. What a lovely gift for Irene.

  2. Dear Donna - it is SO HARD to draw a horse, and here you've given us a spirited one! Thank you for sharing all your gifts with us and for sharing in the WILD fun. I love all thoe "un" words! Beautiful!! xo

  3. What a wildly gorgeous combination of word and picture to celebrate Irene today! Just lovely!

  4. Oh, so beautiful! I love "bewildered" in your poem. And your drawing!

  5. wild and wonderful; have a good week

    much love...
    P.S. you are invited
    Monday Writes #37

  6. Oh, Donna, you really did an excellent job on the horse! The wild mane is what does it for me!

  7. Beautiful drawing and poem, Donna. Love "wild wind bewildered"!

  8. Wonderful drawing and poem, Donna. I love your horse's wild mane!

  9. I'm glad you used your pencils! Beautiful!

  10. Donna, I did not know that are an artist beside a poet. Your horse is a symbol of wild freedom.

  11. A poet and a talented artist, too. I used to love to draw horses when I was younger. I haven't tried lately, but I am inspired by your drawing. Don't you love how many different directions Irene's wild has taken us?

  12. Ready to race the wind alongside of this beauty, Donna!

    Your Haiku & your Horse are each powerful.

    Together, stunning.


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