Sea Senses

Poetry Jam today would have us think of the sea and write about it.  I have so, so many ocean poems.  It's my favorite place to be, smell, see, taste, feel, hear.  I wrote a new one for today, though.  So one more for my collection...

Sea Senses

The day I moved away inland
I heard its hissing cries
Of angry, sad and crashing waves;
I saw its lowery eyes.

Time passed and one day I awoke,
I heard it calling me,
Wailing, whining, pleading,
"O, please, come back to sea!"
Miles before it came in view,
I smelled its salty tears;
It missed me while I'd lived away
For, oh, those many years!
Sand in my shoes, I tossed them
And sprinted up the dune;
Those smells and sounds meant
It was near, I'd see it very soon!
Atop the crest the vision
Spreading out so wide
I could not see it all at once
My eyes scanned side to side
The water gleamed before me
With twinkly eyes of blue;
Rolling fingers beckoned me
To taste its salty brew.
I tumbled down the bank of sand,
Across its beach I raced,
And dove into its watery arms -
Its cold as ice embrace.
I watched as waves swept up the beach
My footprints to erase
Home at last, home by the sea
I've found my resting place.

As I communed with water
I heard the voice of sea
Whispering, crooning, singing,
"I knew you'd come back to me!"

©2014, Donna JT Smith


  1. nostalgic indeed!! so beautiful...

  2. You and the sea both sound joyous at your return! Lots of feeling comes through in this poem. I like the photos as well. Thanks for posting at Poetry Jam.

  3. "Across its beach I raced, / And dove into its watery arms -"...ah what a delightful moment you've sketched its voice too...

  4. How wonderful to have such a deep connection with the sea! And how lucky you are to live by the sea now. Before writing for this prompt I realized I had written numerous poems where the sea was present too.

  5. Luv this relationship with the sea, have a good Wednesday

    Much love...

  6. Donna this is beautiful. It flows perfectly like the waves of the sea. I love it!

  7. Donna, I think one has seen the sea, it always calls you back. And after being away for a while, such a joy it is to return. Love the idea of communing with water.

  8. I love this! Brought back wonderful memories of cresting that hill, smelling the sea and knowing soon I'd be sprinting in the sand and splashing about :-)

  9. You are singing my song exactly. I lived ten glorious years by the sea, mourned it every day since I moved away and it has been calling me back ever since........

  10. THis

    This really sings of love you can taste the passion, great emotion and feeling.

  11. Oh this is so-o-o good. I have goosebumps. The sea does call to one - I know. So happy for you, that you were able to find your way back to your resting place.

  12. I can identify with this poem. The sea does become part of you when you grow up by the sea.

  13. wonderful poem, one you love calls you back when you are away

    See The Sea

  14. Ah, coming back to those we love is always so special! Lovely write, Donna.

  15. wonderful ....enjoyed reading...!!


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