It's Tuesday?

I hardly know what day it is any more.
We spent three days in Arkansas last week, returning on Monday just before midnight (well, actually by the time we drove home from the airport it was just beginning Tuesday).  So that's the day I started my week.  Along with being retired, so not having to make a daily calendar in the morning with first graders, I get lost in my days easily.
We attended the wedding of my niece.  I'm hoping that my parents (her grandparents) could see it well from their front row seats in heaven. 
Arkansas was too hot and humid, though.  I don't think I'll ever be able to move out of Maine to a warmer climate.  I will just stay here and pull on another sweater and throw another log on the fire.
This past Saturday, my siblings and I worked at my brother's antique auction.  My parents used to run the store and have auctions there.  I'm pretty sure they watch over us as we work together there, continuing the work they started many years ago, hopefully with smiles.
September was the month that they both departed this earth.  It is hard to believe it has been 13 years for Dad and 11 years for Mom since they passed away. 
In addition to my niece getting married in September, this month was also my husband's and my 42nd wedding anniversary, so there are and will be some happy memories  to replace some of the sadder ones.
I've begun volunteering one morning a week at the high school in the Career Center this month, just completed a workshop to help mentor new teachers, started mentoring a new teacher and begun working one afternoon a week reading with second graders.
September has been busy.  I've also been writing.  This is the first day in a long while that there hasn't been a poem posted here.  I feel out of sync.

Out of sync,
Forgot to blink.
My fingers fly,
But not as spry;
I think, I think,
No thoughts to link.
Oh, poet's world
Of poems unfurled,
The moment's gone;
I'm just a pawn
With pen in hand
In foreign land.
No rhymes today;
I've sailed away
And let them sink -
No sound but "clink"!


  1. It sounds to me, like you are having a wonderful retirement. Congratulations to you and enjoy these out-of-sync days. Smiles.

    1. It has been wonderful so far... I may be filling up my days a bit much now though. My husband asked why I'm not just teaching. Because I get the best part of teaching when I'm retired. Kind of like grandparenting is the best part of parenting!

  2. Life is sooo busy when one retires! Days of the week become lost when you don't have a routine to follow, but I think your routine is returning with your volunteering.

    1. Yes, it is busy. Why do we do that? I remember thinking when I was working that it would be nice to pick and choose things to do that were satisfying and fun. Now I can. And it is.

  3. You've been busy! And I can certainly relate to your out-of-sync feeling. I've been feeling that way for a while now.

    I love the poem you shared!

    1. Hi, Chrys! Every week, every day, every moment seems to be different than the last. I need a good routine to work into... but then again... I like my freedom to do what I want, when I want, though it tends to give you that unsynced feeling!

  4. I haven't been to Arkansas in a long time. There are parts that are really beautiful. Then there's the trip along I-30.

    1. Yeah, we traveled outside of the city and suburbs into the countryside and found some really beautiful places. Reminded me of northern Maine farms where they mow and maintain as lawn about 10 acres around the house!

  5. I love the way your mind is constantly at work and your thoughts are so insightful - even when you feel out of sync. And your poems are always inspiring and give me something to ponder on - even when you say there is no poem today. Thank you!

    1. I went back and read my ramblings a couple of times after posting and thought, " pen...and didn't you say you didn't have a poem today? I believe I see one. What's up with that?"
      So happy you stopped by for my Tuesday thoughts!

  6. During Cleveland winters I always think I want to move south, but in my heart I know it's not true. Congratulations on 42 years! My hubby and I celebrate 16 this year.


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