Coffee or Cat Food

I hate when I wake up and need coffee.  But I need coffee.  Because I'm not really awake.  Got on the computer as soon as I physically got up.  Stared at it a while.  Realized it was Monday, so I clicked on the WRiTE Club button to vote on the next round of stories.  The cat yelled at me for not getting him food yet.  Now he's on the table right in back of my laptop screen, looking at me.  He's been rubbing on the stack of papers on the table and thinking about pushing them onto the floor.  That always gets my attention.  Sometimes I've rewarded him with food when he has done that.  Because he's persistent.  And he doesn't need coffee to be awake.
I think I will stop staring at this computer, and start the coffee and feed the cat.  Or maybe feed the cat, then start the coffee.  That's probably safer, though it delays my coffee...I think I need to go with safer.
I should set the coffee to come on automatically tomorrow morning, so I can vote at the polls (corrected spelling from poles - is anyone actually AT the poles' polls?)  with a better mind than I have right now (see previous parenthetical remark).  I'm sleepy.  I need cat food.


  1. I've been up for more than 5 hours, now, and I'm still not quite feeling awake. Unfortunately, coffee doesn't do a thing for me. :(

  2. Hope it all turned out okay, Donna. You definitely needed a bit of something. I voted via mail this time, but am rather sad about it. There's something so special about going to the polls, seeing all the people. This is quite an election!

    1. Ah, yes! It turned out splendidly. The cat DID knock all my papers to the floor before I could get him his food. But after picking up the papers and feeding him, I made coffee and woke up. I am not looking forward to tomorrow AT ALL. I'm glad I'm in a very small town where the lines will be short and polite, though! Hope all is well with you and you are all settled in now in your new place.

  3. I realize this is off-topic to your post, but your cattail coffee mug is delightful! I'm a lefty, so I like mugs on which the pattern goes all the way around the mug and is not facing 'out' away from me!


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