Thursday, July 12, 2012

Try This!!!

Yesterday I had the most fun with some flash fiction!  
I had gone to a website to see about inspiration and challenges for writing some flash fiction, and came across Flashpoints: a site-specific mass writing event.  The challenge was to go to a public place, bring a pen/pen and paper, look around and get inspired in the area to write something that relates to your flashpoint somehow, write your piece on only one side of the paper, leave the piece of writing for someone else to find and read, record with a photo where you left your piece of writing, submit the writing and photo to the web site.
So, I went to Starbucks after doing some errands, and while I was there I thought..."Hey, I could try this out here."
I didn't have any paper, but I got a napkin and wrote on one side of it.  Then I typed it into my iPad, so I'd have a digital copy to email in to the Flashpoint site.  I took a picture of the blue wall and lights there, referred to in my writing, with the written upon napkin on the arm of the chair.
Instead of leaving, I went and sat down elsewhere, posted the Flashbomb to the website and waited to see if anyone would notice the writing, or if it would be just thrown away.
It was only a matter of a few minutes when two young women came in and spied the napkin  on the chair over in the corner even before ordering.  They went over to it, looked down at it and began to read it.  One of them picked it up then, folded it and put it in her purse.  They ordered and left.  I wish I'd heard their conversation, but I was too far away, and I'm not sure if they had read the whole thing before leaving the coffee shop.  But it was fun nonetheless!  I'm going to try it again very soon. This is the direct link to my Summer Relief.   Go to the site and visit other "flashbombs"!  And maybe you'd like to try one yourself. 


  1. What fun! Isn't it interesting to think why she put the napkin into her purse? Perhaps to read later, hoping for juicy, or ? It's great you stayed to watch.

  2. Interesting... not sure if it's my kind of thing, but it's kind of cool. If I think about it, it might make me want to try it.

  3. I found this site when I participated in National Flash Fiction day but forgot about it. Got to give it a try...loved yours!!! Thanks, Donna

  4. I like this idea! I'll have to try it out...


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