Friday, July 20, 2012

I Scream, You Scream...Dogs Scream?

Today is Poetry Friday and is being hosted by Tara, over at A Teaching Life.  Go there and enjoy sitting in the poets' corner today...have an ice cream while you read!

Does your dog enjoy a cold ice cream cone treat on these hot summer days?
Pippi says, "Make mine vanilla..."
I promise to brush my teeth afterwards.
I Don't Scream

I’d like a treat
If you don’t mind;
I’d like the kind
That you would eat.
Not just a bone,
Though that is good,
I think I would
Like a cone.

So, if you please,
Another ride
Where you have buyed
Cold sweets for these
Sweet tooths of mine.
I’ll lick it up;
Not in a cup
A cone is fine!

I know last time
I got brain freeze
And had to sneeze
And left some slime;
This time I’ll eat
Very neatly
And completely
In the back seat.

You’ll have no mess
I’ll eat with flair
No wear and tear,
Nor drippy-ness.
My tongue will wrap
Around my jaws,
and then my paws
I'll quickly lap.

Slurp steering wheel
Lick floor and door
Could I do more
To seal the deal?
I've heard it said
That you would scream
For this I-scream;
I'll bark instead!

©2012, Donna JT Smith


  1. Pippi is adorable. :) I've actually never given my dog Ruby ice cream. She LOVES the catch water from the hose, though. And ice cubes. One of these days I'll break out the ice cream. Thanks for sharing your fun poem!

    1. Pippi's not too big on ice cubes...too slippery, I think. But she loves the winter sport of diving (in the snow) for icicles.

  2. Too fun! Three cheers for Pippi. "My tongue will wrap/Around my jaws" - great line! Our dogs will eat just about anything, but they LOVE the occasional last spoonful of someone's freezer raid...

    1. Pippi's such a sweetie! She just wants to make everyone happy!

  3. Well done - I enjoyed your poem. My dog, Lucky, is like your Pippi - loves Vanilla and prefers a cone!

    Cheers, Jenny

  4. Oh how fun. I don't think my dog has ever had ice cream. Love the pic.

  5. How could you resist a doggie like Pippi....she looks like a three scoop kind of pup!

  6. great poem--i hope he got a cone :)


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