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Today I would like to refer to my post for Wednesday, but I don't want you to have to look back. So I am copying and pasting it here again. It was done for the prompt at Poetry Jam this week, which was to write about the sea. Coincidentally, it is my favorite thing to see, hear, taste, feel and smell, and also coincidentally was the topic of a poem that Lilian Moore wrote and Laura Purdie Salas shared this past week... not so coincidentally, I purchased Lilian Moore's book of poems "Something new begins" - a signed first edition, no less!  I was tickled to find "Go Wind" in it.  I had forgotten it was by Lilian Moore!  I've used that poem many years in April for our month of poetry in first grade.

And here's my re-posting (with apologies for reposting and not writing something new) of my sea poem, "Sea Senses", which can also be found on this past Wednesday's post - also shared here for Poetry Friday:

Sea Senses

The day I moved away inland
I heard its hissing cries
Of angry, sad and crashing waves;
I saw its lowery eyes.

Time passed and one day I awoke,
I heard it calling me,
Wailing, whining, pleading,
"O, please, come back to sea!"
Miles before it came in view,
I smelled its salty tears;
It missed me while I'd lived away
For, oh, those many years!
Sand in my shoes, I tossed them
And sprinted up the dune;
Those smells and sounds meant
It was near, I'd see it very soon!
Atop the crest the vision
Spreading out so wide
I could not see it all at once
My eyes scanned side to side
The water gleamed before me
With twinkly eyes of blue;
Rolling fingers beckoned me
To taste its salty brew.
I tumbled down the bank of sand,
Across its beach I raced,
And dove into its watery arms -
Its cold as ice embrace.
I watched as waves swept up the beach
My footprints to erase
Home at last, home by the sea
I've found my resting place.

As I communed with water
I heard the voice of sea
Whispering, crooning, singing,
"I knew you'd come back to me!"

©2014, Donna JT Smith
The view at the end of the island... good to be home!

Now go check out more poetry posts hosted by ...wait a minute...another coincidence???
Poetry Friday is at Renee's place, No Water River, today and I noticed that she featured Lilian Moore on August 22!  Well, there you go!  It comes around again!


  1. And you'll soon be there, right? It has such a sweetness about it, Donna. I'm glad you re-posted. This week has been so busy I've missed a lot of posts. I have that Lilian Moore book, a first edition,wow!

    1. Actually, the pictures were taken a few miles down the road from where we are now! I got back to the sea about15 years ago. I can't see the ocean from my house, so Gull Haven will set us a little closer to the ocean's arms!

  2. Wonderful poem, Donna. Great example of personification. :)

    1. Thanks, Jama. The ocean is a great subject with whom to work!

  3. Just lovely, Donna! Nothing is quite as calming as the whispering voice of the sea. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for popping in! I do feel very calm on a rock by the whispering or roaring ocean.

  4. Not ever having been an ocean person I'm a little jealous of your relationship. But I have to say, I feel that kind of welcome from the big sky of the great plains after having been in the tree-filled and hazy, cloudy midwest.

    1. I can see that, easily. Those ocean waves of grain and the big blue sky...my husband is from up in big sky potato country in Maine, so having taught up there for a while and visited his parents for so many years, I get almost the same feeling when I see the trees start thinning out and the beautiful farming land and sky stretch out before me. I love a good sky!

  5. I AM an ocean person too and oh, how you have captured the feeling. Well done!

    1. Thanks! Hope you get to commune with the ocean often!

  6. This is WONDERFUL, Donna! It has beautiful imagery, great emotion, and excellent rhyme and rhythm. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Gorgeous, Donna. You're lucky to have the self-awareness to know where "home" is. I especially loved these lines: "I tumbled down the bank of sand,/Across its beach I raced,/And dove into its watery arms -/Its cold as ice embrace.


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