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Pearly Whites and a Picket Fence

I posted this Thursday, but am using it for Poetry Friday, hosted by my good friend, though I have never met her in person, nor ever heard her voice, except the "voice" of her writing, but friend, nonetheless, Linda Baie at Teacher Dance.  Go there, click on links, read more poems and meet more lovers of poetry!

I do not know where these came from or why.  Well, I do know from where...from my head. I just picked a word and started brainstorming with it.  The "why" I don't know, though.  Probably because being a first grade teacher for so long, I got to see so many bloodied mouths, fingers and teeth.
Really, first grade is quite a bodily fluids kind of year, what with teeth falling out, bathroom timing accidents, vomit, coughs and sneezes (oh, and sucking on fingers, thumbs and shoelaces)... First grade teachers, if they make it through their first two years, live forever, having built up super-duper antibodies.

So Are the Teeth

As barnacles on a rock, so are t…

Whiney Whys

I don't mean to whine, complain, nor be judgmental, BUT why are so many things considered okay to do now?

For example in a department store:
Why is it okay for kids to ride the bikes for sale inside a store?  Isn't this dangerous for both the child and other customers, never mind the fact that I was hoping to buy a NEW bike for my child or grandchild. Why is it okay to bounce the balls in the store?  I know they will look used soon after bouncing them on the driveway, but again I'm paying for new merchandise.  Can I get a discount for used?  ...I didn't think so. In a grocery store:
Why is it okay to hand a kid a bag of grapes or a banana from the bunch to eat while shopping?  Both are sold by the pound, and I didn't see any provision for weighing your kid before starting to eat, though you could put him or her on the scales at the register when checking out.
At restaurants:
Why is it okay to build a fort out of the individual serving creamers, butters and sugar con…

Another Poem Format to Try

Okay, Joy!  Here goes!  Over at Poetry for Kids Joy, Joy Acey has posted some poems in a particular format.  I have about the same format, but with a non-Halloween bent.  These are fun and challenging.  Try one, but first check out the rest of Joy's to get the format down!

Knocking at my door
Was a Great Horned owl
On his head was a cap
He was wrapped in a towel.

Because I’m just a mouse
I crouched down in a cower,

But he asked me
quite nicely,
"Could I use your shower?"
Knocking at my door
was a sticky porcupine;
he used my brand new toothbrush -
made his orange teeth shine.

I didn’t want to rattle him,
I didn’t want to shout;

But I really
wanted Porky
to be on his way out.

©Donna JT Smith, 10/25/2013

Hmmm.  Looks like mine are taking a "bathroom" theme!  I'd better stop before I get to the next fixture.

Hmm.  Too late!
Knocking at my door
Was a little brown mouse
Why would this ti…

A Falling Out

No idea what I was going to write before I sat down at 1 pm.  I did not want to miss Poetry Friday.  So this is what came out as I sat looking at these trees out here in my back yard.   Acrostics...?  Ok.  Acrostics it is...or acrostics they are.

Mild mannered
Leaving leaves

Bellowing autumn winds
Intensify yellow flames before the
Remaining white
Candles stand extinguished
High on a hill

Immersed in
Ever green


Hardy boughs
Many a
Little creature
Over the
Cold winter as a
Kindly mother hen's wing.

The only tree I don't see is the willow...but I'm thinking of the willow at a nearby park.
And now to go to read more poetry by visiting our gracious host for Poetry Friday this week:
Irene Latham at Live Your Poem.

Hey, Mortimer, Do You Have a Minute?

Today is Poetry Friday!  Yea, for Fridays and poetry!  When you are finished here head on over to Cathy Mere's Merely Day by Daywhere she is hosting today's Poetry Friday.  You are sure to find a treasure trove of links to some splendid poems! (splendid... I'm going to use that later today in conversation, I think!)

I am hosting the poetry-loving Mortimer Rabbit for The Mortimer Minute.  He is going to ask me a few questions today, and I will answer them to the best of my ability. If you would like to have Mortimer visit your website and ask a few questions, here are the 3 guidelines:
1. Answer three short questions, one of them taken from the previous Mortimer Minute.
2. Invite another blogger (or two or three) to take part on the following week--writers, teachers, or anyone who loves children's poetry is the perfect choice.
3. Link to the previous Mortimer Minute and to your choice for next week. 
Well, over at Random Noodling, I discovered Mortimer, the rabbit, interv…

15 Words a Bunch of Times Makes a Longer Poem

Over at Laura Salas' place, she does 15 Words or Less on Thursdays .  Today the picture is of a red and black hued funnel shape.  It inspired a short piece there, and then kept nagging at me until I finished it.  I changed the raise to be at the end of the first stanza, so I could use the rhyme to enhance its structure.  You need to go to Laura's place though, to see the picture AND to read other interpretations of the image.  Lots of wonderful work!

time to
leave this earth
a day to be released -
hands in hallelujah raise.

escape from
tears and sorrow
no more worries and despair -
long forgotten worldly days.

path to
a cloudless sky
above the whirl below -
voice lifts up in praise.

way to
a cloudless sky;
no more worries and despair -
hands in hallelujah raise!

© Donna JT Smith

Ok.  Done.  The structure on this is a bit pantoumish, with repeating lines from previous stanzas (in order going up) in the last stanza.  Maybe I will call this new form smithoum...

And to…

Wednesday: Wanted...Now Found!

Wanted: Children's Poetry Writer or Lover of Poetry for Children for a Mortimer Minute!

On Friday I will be entertaining Mortimer for a minute or two.  If you have a desire to be interviewed by a bouncy bunny, a hippity-hoppity hare, a long-eared leaper, a rapid rabbit, a jolly jumper...well, just let me know, and I'll tell people where to hop to next week!
You make up the questions you'd like to have a audience of kids' poetry lovers to ask (except for taking one of mine that I used).  You answer the questions.
You mention my site as the place you hopped from, and the person or persons that will be hosting Mortimer next.
It's as easy as that!

Found: A Children's Poetry Writer for next week!  I'm so excited!  Thank you, Marileta Robinson.  I tagged Marileta, and she has graciously accepted the invitation to host a Mortimer Minute.  She will be interviewed by the bouncy bunny next week.  See my interview this Friday!


So, I know some have read my prior version of this poem.  But as Andrew mentioned there were bumpy parts, and I had to agree - there were parts that still bothered me.  So I have edited again.  I think it is to my liking now.  And I am going to leave it alone.  If some day it bubbles up from the deep again and screams at me to fix it, then I will discuss it with myself and the poem.  But for now, and a long time, this is it.  And when you are done, go by and check out more poetry links for Poetry Friday hosted today by Laura Purdie Salas at Writing The World for Kids.  

Days of Roses

Yellowed walls meet her eyes
Where lives ago were roses.
Faded shades lie below
Where weary paint reposes.

It wasn't always yellowed walls
It wasn't always faded
For once upon a time she knew
A world that wasn't jaded.

Oh, rose of youth, short days ago
Or maybe it was years?
How could it be that long ago
To ring now in her ears?

The laughter and the singing,
The warmth of hugs and touch

Days of Roses

I had the first stanza of this written a while ago, earlier in spring, and had used it for something else.  I found it this morning just after 4 am - my cataract surgery is at 8:30 - so I guess I couldn't/can't sleep (been up since 3:30).  I added quite a bit to it and then edited the original part some.  Now I'm hungry and can't eat until they give me a muffin after the surgery.  Oh, well, I'll survive...I have plenty stored up for use in times like this!  Now, if I could only store up sleep.

Days of Roses

Yellowed walls meet her eyes
Where lives ago were roses
Faded shades in layers below
Green paint now imposes.

It wasn't always yellowed walls
It wasn't always faded
For once upon a time she knew
Her world had not been jaded.

Oh, rose of youth, short days ago
Or maybe it was years?
It seems so very long ago
But still rings in her ears

The laughter and the singing
The warmth of hugs and touch
Though taken, oh, so lightly then
Today would mean so much

She …

It Isn't Summer

As I promised myself... now back to some poetry. 
After reading this, head on over to Poetry Friday being hosted by Doraine Bennett at Dori Reads for links to more great poetry and poetry related posts!
It's finally fall here.  We have had some nice crisp nights and days, scattered with some warmer days, with lots of sun.  We had had a rainy stretch a while ago, but now it is fine fall feast, an awesome autumn offering...a sweet season sensation!  I could try to go on, but it's getting forced now.  So I will end with this - something I wrote a while back and stuck away in Pages on my iPad.  I must gather these things together someday and see what I have.

Last of the Colors

Summer's ending
Last strains of green
Reds overtaking
With autumn's scene

Smells of last hay
And spiced goldenrod
Apples now ripened
Give fall a cool nod

It's time for the last of
The colorful things
The last before snow's
Frosty white zings

Where mittens and hats
Are the only displays
Of c…

No Surgery Today

Sorry to bore you with another post about sight...but I'm still amazed and delighted.  You know my husband and I have all new clothes now, what with this color in my life again.  They aren't actually new clothes, but they have been given a new lease on life with the added benefit of seeing them in color!  I just love the blues and reds in his "new" old tie! (see pictures below, especially if you don't want to read more about eyesight drivel)

I've been looking forward to having my second cataract removed today.  Well, I woke up yesterday with a sore throat.  I let it be, using the technique of ignoring, but in the back of my mind I worried that it was a cold coming on. I still held out hope that it was just the eye drops irritating my sinuses and back of my throat.  It got a bit better as the day went on, but last night it was sore again.  This morning I awoke with a headache and chest congestion and cough...

So much for my second cataract being chipped away a…