Days of Roses

I had the first stanza of this written a while ago, earlier in spring, and had used it for something else.  I found it this morning just after 4 am - my cataract surgery is at 8:30 - so I guess I couldn't/can't sleep (been up since 3:30).  I added quite a bit to it and then edited the original part some.  Now I'm hungry and can't eat until they give me a muffin after the surgery.  Oh, well, I'll survive...I have plenty stored up for use in times like this!  Now, if I could only store up sleep.

Days of Roses

Yellowed walls meet her eyes
Where lives ago were roses
Faded shades in layers below
Green paint now imposes.

It wasn't always yellowed walls
It wasn't always faded
For once upon a time she knew
Her world had not been jaded.

Oh, rose of youth, short days ago
Or maybe it was years?
It seems so very long ago
But still rings in her ears

The laughter and the singing
The warmth of hugs and touch
Though taken, oh, so lightly then
Today would mean so much

She almost sees the faces
She almost hears their voices
If she had time to give again
Would she make different choices?

The faded roses tell her "no"
Life was what it should be
She loved and it returned to her
Much more abundantly

Paint and time may dim the rose
But her eye still discerns
The days of love and life gone by
And happiness returns.

Donna JT Smith

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  1. I think by this time you are out of surgery, hope it went as beautifully as the last one, Donna! This is so lovingly nostalgic, those questions and answers are very nice. Glad you finished it! Hope your muffin was good!

    1. I'm home again. This one was a bit more difficult in some ways, though I think it was supposed to be easier. Having an ocular migraine right now. Fortunately it's only sparkles - a light show in both eyes - without the headache! The muffin was delightful!

  2. Lovely poem. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure all went well with your surgery. When my wife had her cataracts removed it was like a whole new world opened up for her.

    1. When I had the first done 5 weeks ago I became quite obnoxious, I'm sure, as I exclaimed over everything in the new light in which I was seeing things!

  3. I really like this one, but I think it still has some bumpy parts.

    Good luck with the eyes!

    1. I agree about the bumpies! It was pretty early and I wanted to have something before driving into the city at 7:15 this morning! But there was something about the piece I had that wanted attention when I found it! Eye is still closed up. Having a light show in my head right now. Looking forward to 2 weeks from now! And I can't see this well in the datk with sunglasses on, so I hope I wrote this ok!

  4. This is so very thoughtful and filled with emotions. Glad you found it and finished it and sent it on its way out for us to read. Hope you are feeling much better by now, too. Take care.

    1. Thanks! I am feeling better now. My pupil is still small, so it's dark on the left side, but it is opening a bit more daily. I do know one thing. Even with my dark glasses on, I can see to type this this morning! I have the beginnings of regular sight! Yeah! What a blessing!


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