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Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday, Linda!

Sweet Days of October

My favorite time
Since I was a child
Were the days of October
Because they were wild.

Colors once hidden
Now spring to the fore
The leaves begin talking
And rustling for "more".

More coolness of days,
Less sun and more night,
More acorns for squirrels,
More chatter and flight;

In the clearest blue skies
The geese form a V
Flapping their wings
As southward they flee.

Trees once soft edged
Become sparse and thin
Baring their arms just
When coldness sets in.

Tree fingers stretch out
They shiver and creak,
The wind howls and sighs
As it brushes my cheek.

But that only makes
Days that much sweeter
As here on the edge of
Winter we teeter.

Donna JT Smith
© Oct. 26, 2012

Today is my birthday (the 26th)...I feel like I'm teetering on the edge of winter...and days are sweeter.


  1. Happy, happy birthday Donna. Here's to a lovely day for you, in October. I love October too, possibly because it's also my birthday month, but like you wrote, there's an air of anticipation for winter things. I like the verse that begins "more coolness of days" & that repetition. Best to you!

    1. Thanks, Linda! We're celebrating today a bit and tomorrow...there should be cake involved! Happy October birthday to you too. Of course your birthday would be in October!

  2. Nice poem :)

    Also, I just re-opened my blog and I would really appreciate you checking it out.
    Here's a link to my newest post:



    1. Thanks, Yadin! Just checked in to your blog...busy times ahead for you. Nice wolf!

  3. That's a great poem. I was gonna say I like the squirrels, but that bit about the trees baring their arms is fantastic.
    Happy birthday!

    1. Thanks, Andrew! It's so gorgeous here today...waiting for the hurricane. Maybe it will miss us!

  4. Happy belated Birthday, Donna! Your ode to October is great. :-) Is "A Poem for Today" the name of it?

    1. Thanks and thanks! I don't know what its title is...hmmm. "October", I guess, but that's pretty bland. I know. "Sweet Days of October". That's it. I'm editing my post. Thanks! For some reason poems come to me, but not always their titles. They seem so short sometimes they are my title! But I guess every piece of writing ought to have a name!


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