Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Worthless Words

I am feeling like I should to write something worthwhile.
But I'm not feeling full of worthwhileness words.
I think I have run out of them.  They are all worthless words.
Well, at least not worth much.  Maybe a dime or two.
This is my 20 cents' worth - my 2 dimes' worth -
a quarter and here's a nickel's change worth.

Cat and mouse,
Hat and blouse,
Down and out,
Twist and shout,
Good dog,
Wood log,
Sit right down,
Go to town,
Tight fist,
Light mist,
Row your boat,
Get your goat,
Slap happy,
Rap tappy,
Pick a flower,
Take a shower,
Tricky kid,
Sticky lid;
If I had a penny for every rhyme
I'd have 20 cents, or double a dime.
Rhyming 5 more times would make
A quarter, but that's too much to take.
So I'd pocket my dimes and skip away;
You keep the nickel and I will play.
Tomorrow I'll think of better words,
Not these ones that are for the birds...
Cheap cheep!

©Donna JT Smith 2012
So this is what came out when I just started writing with nothing in mind, no thought except "What in the world will I write for Tuesday's Slice?" and I knew I had nothing.  It's funny, but it seemed like nothing for quite a while as I kept putting things on screen.  A couple rhymes here, a couple there, then the thought of a another rhyme about the "worthless" rhyme...and finally the cheep of a bird and the cheap of worthless.  I believe I have 20 rhyming pairs.  You can't count cheap cheep - those are homonyms.
I guess my slice is really about "just write", even when you think there's nothing there.  Start writing worthless words and keep it up until something more than worthless emerges...even it is doesn't end up profound, it might just end up "pro-fun"!


  1. I'll go check out the previous post & writing tomorrow, but this is such fun, Donna-no matter the savings cost, you've given us our money's worth!

    1. Thanks, Linda! Hope you are getting in lots of fun this week!

  2. Slap happy. Rap Tappy. These words make me want to dance. I love your word play, definitely worth more than 20 cents.

    1. That's so great! I love when words make me want to dance!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Now I have to find some time to read. Got Charter Shorts and The Tunnel if I ever get some time! Maybe later tonight!

  4. Worthless? Oh, no, no. Such a fun piece with LOTS of thinking behind it. How clever to put in so much about money in a poem titled "worthless." Love this!!

    1. Thanks! It started out feeling like it would be worthless... but it was like finding change in seat cushions by the time I was done!

  5. FUN! I'm smiling at 4:37 AM,

    1. Wow! I'm not sure I've ever smiled at 4:37 am...or 4:38 for that matter! Glad it could start your day off with a smile!

  6. Playful and funny. Chuckles and smiles are worth a lot.

    1. Thanks, Terje! I smiled too when it finally emerged from my brain.

  7. I love your celebration of worthless words! You had fun with them even though they are "worthless" so to speak! This could be a mentor text for teaching about figurative language-"for the birds" Cheap, Cheep-, multiple meaning words too! You are so clever with words!

    1. I like when there is something that can be examined more closely after the initial fun read. Thanks!

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks, Diane! It was fun to write...after I got started!

  9. Absolutely!!! I'v had days like this and when you sit and just start writing it's amazing what you come up with.. maybe that's the trick to good writing don't think too much about it...just write!!!

    1. Yup. Just write. Need to remember that!

  10. Great fun! I am in the spot today and have not written yet! I am reading posts to get myself focused. This is great. Just write is a phrase I need to hear over and over ( and so do our students) Thanks

  11. From an embrace of worthlessness there emerges worthfulness.

  12. It seems that you did have something to write about. I enjoyed it.

  13. "Just Write" indeed! Congrats for finding some silly joy in your writing today, and spreading that joy around to us :)


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