Saturday, October 5, 2019

Beauty - Spiritual Thursday in October

I had little time to write this week, but I did go buy beads for a couple more necklaces and bracelets that my grandchildren want to make.  We made some this past week with beads and supplies that I always have, but I got a hankering to get a few more beads, so my granddaughter and I headed to Jo-Ann's for some sparklies (and some not quite so sparkly for her brother).

As the background image for my words, I have the 4 strings she picked out for beading.  I wish I had a recording of her voice as she looked at all the beautiful beads to choose from!  I was surprised that it didn't take long to choose them - after we inspected every shimmering facet and glittery swirl of every bead in the store anyway!

As my 5 year old granddaughter says matter-of-factly, no hint of ego or vanity - "I'm pretty on the inside, because I like to be kind to people."  And that she is.

When a kindergartener on the first few days of school was crying as she waited for the school doors to open, Granddaughter came up close to her and told her what she did when she was sad..."Think of things you like, like unicorns and cotton candy!  That's what I do." And Granddaughter stayed by her and talked incessantly to cheer her up.

On the third day we got there, there was no more crying and the little girl was actively looking for my Granddaughter.

That's beauty.

And my verse:
I am late posting this, but life lets me do what I do what I can when I can...and now I can, so I'm doing.
And I shall post this late to both Thursday's "Spiritual Thursday" over at Karen Eastlund's blog, and Friday's "Poetry Friday" link ups at Cheriee Weichel's Library Matters!  You may have already seen them on FB as I posted there, too.


  1. Donna: That is a LOVELY story of inner beauty. Thank you for sharing it. Yes, I am at the point where I do what I do when I want to do it also. Age can free us! It's a good thing.

    1. I am about to link to your page...sorry, meant to do that, but got wrapped up in something else. Yes, I've started to let go of the obligations that are secondary to family. I need strict priorities nowadays. I want the most from the least! I still want to find time for my me stuff, but what good are you if you are always wrapped up in yourself? You are right "It's a good thing."

  2. Donna, your little granddaughter seems to have wisdom beyond her years. How she reacted to another kinder was so touching. She is a gentle and kind soul so your poem matches the scenario you described. Beauty inside is magnified when shown in random acts of kindness.

  3. Your granddaughter is the kind of people we need more of in the world. Mine is only 28 months, but with a sibling on the way, we are reinforcing what a kind and generous person she is.

  4. Your granddaughter is a beautiful soul. I hope many more of us will follow her example to show kindness.


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