Friday, December 7, 2018

Opening a Door

It's been an incredibly long, and short year.  Doors have been opened, doors have been closed.  But every time a door has been closed, a new door has appeared just down the road apiece.  Sometimes it has been a struggle to reach that door, but we've managed to get there.
We are at a new door today.

New home in Pennsylvania
I am pre-scheduling this post today, as at 2 pm we will be at our closing - or should I say "new door opening"? - for our new home in PA.  For the next few years, we will be living here with our daughter and two grandchildren.  There should be some really fun times ahead.  We are, of course, bringing our motorcycles.  Though the roads in PA are much worse than those in Maine (I promise to be very careful!), the season for riding is much longer!
We still own our 2 homes in Maine, and plan to return in a few years.  It has been a struggle to buy a home, and I don't want to give up any ties to Maine.   Gull Haven, in Friendship, that we have been renovating for many years, will stay as our summer retreat, and our home on Georgetown island (pictured above) will be rented, hopefully, to a family who likes being in the woods with many hiking trails, peace and quiet, deer, turkeys, osprey, seagulls and owls, and being close to the ocean and working fishing docks. If you know anyone like that who wants to move to Maine, our home will be available soon! 

The next door we will go through every day.  Amazing how many doors we go through in our lives!

Opening the Door

Down the narrow hall,
a dark and narrow way,
you walk what seems entirely
a path too far away.
Where's the switch to draw the light?
Perhaps there is just none.
Adjust your eyes and don't look back -
This may not be such fun.
Shuffle on and watch your step,
Mind stumbling blocks that try!
Keep steady footsteps to the door,
No time to moan or cry.
Miles before you stretch each day
Before it comes in view;
behind you one door has been closed -
it's not the door for you.
Step over hurdles, look around,
and keep your focus keen;
for as you near that door you'll know
new treasures yet unseen. 
Look, the door is straight ahead,
and fingertips can reach.
Stop a moment and look back
what lessons did life teach?
Put hand to doorknob, give a twist,
and then a gentle pull;
Ah, my friend, behind that door
The meaning will be full.
Standing there quite breathless
without regret or doubt
Your door has led you to the place
This journey was about.

by Donna JT Smith, 12/5/18

And now...who can resist a picture from a four year old artist?
I'll just tuck one down here for good measure...we're having some great times together!

Karate "ballet-er" listening to music...and singing...and a picture on the wall!

This Girl Does It All

Sometimes ya just gotta dance,
Sometimes ya gotta sing,
Sometimes ya gotta karate party
   - and draw - 
They're ALL your thing! 

by Donna JT Smith, 12/5/18

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  1. What a journey. Not what you planned, I know. But you are making the best of it. And our children are life's greatest gift! You have a beautiful new PA home. And I am so glad you are keeping your Maine residences. No doubt, one day, you'll look back and see God's timing in all of this. For now, looking forward to the next new door, your poem says it all - as always. All good things are wished for you from me here in Tennessee.

  2. Beautiful! Thinking of you today! You'll be tired tonight but happy! Sometimes you just gotta. . . is so right & love "for as you near that door you'll know/new treasures yet unseen." I'm glad you took the time to share your glad tidings!

  3. The Pennsylvania house is gorgeous. What an adventure ahead with your daughter and grandchildren -- a time to treasure. That moment of hand on doorknob speaks to me. It's so full of possibility.

  4. "Where's the switch to draw the light?
    Perhaps there is just none." Sometimes it works that way! Hope today went smoothly.

    1. We are spending one more night in the hotel. I’m watching kids for a movie night while husband and daughter move things out of the room and into the house. Christmas tree goes in tomorrow no matter what the turmoil!!

  5. What a time of transition! Best wishes!

  6. Wow! I can barely manage the idea of ONE home. You will love Pennsylvania. There are still seasons but they are gentler. I cannot resist a four year old's drawing and that one sure is special. If your door is taking you to time with that artist, you are very fortunate grandparent. I look forward to seeing what's through the door. Best to you in this time.

  7. The new home looks very cute, Donna - best wishes with the transition! I can't imagine how I'd manage 3 homes...we don't even have the time, resources, or funds for the one tiny house we have, ha!

  8. Thank you! One night in the new home so far. Doing jigs to Celtic music in the kitchen and smelling the freshest Christmas tree just around the corner. Maybe bake cookies tonight? Things aren’t unpacked, but who cares??

  9. Your PA house looks charming–and your poem speaks well to all these rough and tumble traditions that sometimes meet us at our door. Lovely drawing and ditty poem to accompany it too. All the best to all of you in this new journey.


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