Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Once in a Bue Moon First Spiritual Thursday

It is the incredible "Once in a Blue Moon First Spiritual Thursday" today!

Today, try to find a verse or passage, a snippet of something that mentions the moon.  Then write to it.  How does it apply to your life?  How does it affect you?  Has it ever helped you?
If you don't have a passage, that's okay, too; I'm sure you still have some thoughts and connections to that awesome moon!

Yesterday was the convergence of many moon happenings.  First we had the second full moon of January, so it was a Blue Moon.  Then it was also the closest it comes to the earth all month, so it was a Supermoon.   And there was a total lunar eclipse revealing to many the Blood Moon (due to the red color of the moon during the eclipse).

I am so excited to read what others have come up with today.  I'm hoping it is as exciting to you.  Did you see the eclipse?  Here in Maine it is not a very clear event, and it was early yesterday morning.  I awoke at 4:45 am (which I have been doing some lately).  I had forgotten that I even wanted to get up early to see the full blue, super, soon to be blood, moon.  I was thinking I'd get up and start the oatmeal in my little slow cooker for breakfast a couple of hours later.  When I came out of the bedroom and walked through the living room with its big windowed cathedral ceiling, there was light on the floor and shadows cast by trees and the window dividers.  I went to the window and could see the full moon shining big and bright, staring at me.

Unfortunately, the beginnings of the eclipse here were happening just as the moon was setting, or really just after it had set.  So you could only see it at a good high point that was unobstructed - so you could peek around the curve of the earth!  By the time it was starting to do any eclipsing, it was light and gone well down past our trees and the other side of the river valley.  So I didn't see it.

The moon has always fascinated me.  The lunar landing happened when I was a teen.  So exciting.  We were really on a roll with space exploration.  I expected that we would be way farther along by now.  Mars or moon living certainly would have been established by 2000, let alone 2018.  Maybe we'd also have made contact with those on other planets.

I remember as a young child, sitting in the back seat of our station wagon, traveling at night to see cousins or grandparents and seeing that moon out the window following us.  I asked my mother about it.  Was it really following us?  No?  Then why does it look like it is?

And more questions. Why did it look different sometimes?  Was it really a different shape?  How come we couldn't see all of it?  What was it made of?  Was it a sun or star?  Then how come it was lit up?  I was just fascinated by the fact that the other side of the moon had been unseen by anyone, yet this side was always there for us to see.

The moon to me is the symbol of the infinite possibilities of life and knowledge, my mother's care and the eternal care of the Lord.  It is a comfort knowing that it is our night light in a dark world, a sign that God is always there even when you can't see the sun.

It is my reminder to be a reflection, casting His light wherever there is darkness.

Psalm 136: 9 The moon and stars to rule by night: for his mercy endureth for ever.

My found poem from a collection of verses with Moon in them: 

references in no particular order:
Deut. 4:19, Job 25:5, Ps 8:3, Ps 72:5, Ps 72:7, Ps 136:9

The Moon

consider the moon
put forth
for seasons
to rule by night
the moon endureth 
for ever 

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  1. "... that moon out the window following us." Yes! This reverberates with me.
    Your Moon followed us, too! Appreciations for casting a beautiful moonlight, Donna.

  2. Here's my link. Thanks for hosting!

  3. "...seeing that moon out the window following us."

    I love this remembrance. And your moon did the same thing to me as a child riding home in the dark, connecting us in time & space.
    You've collected so many ideas & images. I can see you bathed in the cathedral window moon glow. Lovely!

    Appreciations for hosting this month! And for reminding of the poetry of the Bible.
    I'm at the site below but will also enjoy trying Padlet.

  4. Donna, when I first found out our topic from Irene via Margaret, I was a bit befuddled. But after a little research and various discoveries online, I landed on a beautiful photo and quote. When I woke to see your blog title, I smiled! Are you familiar with the song by Nanci Griffith, "Once in a Very Blue Moon"? I so love her music, and that song came flooding back to me. Thank you for hosting, and for your post that took me back in time.

    1. I'll have to check that song. It sounds vaguely familiar!

  5. Dear Donna, I love that the moon brings your mother to you. What a miracle and a comfort. Thank you! I didn't see the eclipse this time either, though I do share your passion for moon landings and other space travel. xo

    1. I do so love looking at the night sky, even when the moon is not visible and those stars are really brighter. I can't imagine being an astronaut though!

  6. Crashing the party - what a lovely party! - to thank you for your post and poem, Donna. I'm moon-smitten as well. I did get up very early yesterday morning expecting to see the blood-moon eclipse color, and was greeted with brilliant white - somehow I missed the memo that the eclipse wouldn't be visible in our neck of the woods this time around. Ha! Wishing you much wonder all year long, and peace.

    1. Glad you dropped in! We couldn't see the eclipse either, but the full moon before it was amazing!!

  7. Thanks for hosting and proposing this interesting topic, especially tailored for the day the moon is in the spotlight. I love your child questions about the moon and the memories it brings to you. Sadly, I missed all the blue-blood moon shenanigans (it was probably cloudy here anyway). But the moon isn't going anywhere, so maybe next time.

    1. I had a lot of questions as a kid -- as most do! Sorry you missed the moon. The convergence of all these events for the moon are rare.

  8. Thanks for hosting, Donna. You have double duty this week. Poetry Friday coming up. Your found poem based on scripture is inspiring. Thinking of the moon in the ky ruling the night is a wonderful image.

  9. Is this the poetry friday link-up, Donna? If so, here is my link: I tried adding the link to the padlet, but it considers me anonymous.

  10. I enjoyed your post Donna, seems we have similar memories of the moon.


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