I'm Going to See...

It's Poetry Friday.  Heidi Mordehorst at My Juicy Little Universe is our Poetess for the week!  Thanks, Heidi!

It is late in the day for me to post.
I'm sick today and everyone is lying low - even the dogs.  Thank you dogs for sleeping.  However, earlier, Ginger (the young lab) stole a towel I'd used on them for drying off coming in from the rain.  Then she sneaked in the bedroom and stole one of my shoes.  She knew I wasn't feeling well, and wanted to cheer me up with a little game of "see if you can get what I shouldn't have".  I won but I was dizzy and had to rest after scolding her.  She just grinned at me.
Last night she knew I didn't feel well either.  She got in my lap...or maybe that should be - she covered me up on the chair.  She hasn't tried to be in my lap since she was 20 pounds...she's somewhere over 70 now.
Last night, on my lap, trying to comfort me...
Oh, crud.  The cat just came in the room meowing plaintively to get the Lab riled and interested in some cat game.  I don't think it is all the dogs' faults on Planet Cat'n'Dog when a cat gets chased by one of them.  At least one cat I can think of knows just what he's doing when he struts through a room.

Anyway.  I am going to see if my fuddled, muddled brain has a poem or refrain, or if it's too much of a strain to keep a thought on train.  There.  A poem has been slain without a bloody stain...though my nose still drips like rain and my powers seem to wane - I feel I'm swirling down the drain. That wasn't too much pain...this poetry from Maine...though maybe it's inane, and certain to draw disdain when read with unmuddled brain.

I am going to see... (not sea...)

if my befuddled, muddled brain
has a poem or refrain,
or if it's too much of a strain
to keep a thought on its train.
A poem has been slain -
though lacking bloody stain -
my nose still drips like rain
and my powers seem to wane -
as I'm swirling down the drain.
But that wasn't too much pain...
this poem sent from Maine...
though maybe it's inane,
and sure to draw disdain
and thoughts that I'm insane,
when read with unmuddled brain.

Rewritten with edits, revisions.  Sorry.  I'll be better by next Friday, I'm sure.  The following poem was what I'd set out to try.  I got distracted by the muddling, puddling, befuddling of my brain.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Please

The dogs are just sleeping,
While my eyes are weeping.
The dogs are reposing,
While I am blow-nosing.
The dogs are a'cuddle,
While my brain's a'muddle.
The dogs are all cozy,
While my nose is rosy.
The dogs are so still,
While I have a chill.
The dogs' naps are pleasing,
While I sit up sneezing.
The dogs wake with zest,
I just want to rest.

When I got up, she decided to see if I was serious about not caring if she were in the chair...
so very quietly...
"I'm going to see if she notices...so far, so good,"


  1. Aw Donna, I'm sorry you're not feeling good. Even so, you write a pretty hilarious rhyme, even when it's sneezin' time. Hope you're better real soon.

    1. Thanks for the wishes! Thanks for the rhyme! I feel worse today; I'll be better in time!

  2. Like Violet, you've forced me into rhyme, although it isn't really time, to write this late at night, but I hope you'll soon be all right, and rid of this terrible plight. I also love that you are able to bring such cheery words to the poetry table. (Get Well!)

    1. I'm propping my head. My eyes feel like lead. My coughing is worse. This cold is a curse.
      But I'm back at the table, upright though not able.
      Thanks for the get well wishes - grandkids are here tomorrow night - MUST. GET. BETTER!

  3. Sorry you aren't feeling well, but your muse was obviously feeling just fine with the result Made me smile :)

    1. Still miserable, but I guess I can still pull a rhyme from the slime. Hey, slime and smile have the same letters!

  4. Your dogs are a hoot, Donna!
    My favorite couplet: "The dogs are reposing,/While I am blow-nosing."
    Hope you feel better soon!!

    1. Still blow-nosing...
      Oh, to have clear thoughts and sinuses.

  5. Three cheers with a glass of orange juice! Hoping for the quick return of your health!

    1. Yes, time for OJ. Just finished my gluten-free bagel and coffee, but forgot about juice. Still a bit foggy, groggy! But my ribs are at the "sore from coughing" stage, so that must mean I'm mending. Right?

  6. Egyptian licorice tea to you, Donna.
    I like the cuddle, muddled rhyme.
    If you hadn't gotten the ick, you mite not have turned out this funny neat poem trick.

    Hope a week has made a difference.
    Have you a moment to send me your email? I will send you the pantoum.



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