Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bird Watching

We have a few osprey cams in Maine for viewing the young in the nests and their parents bringing them food - fish, that is. The huge nests built of very uncomfortable looking sticks are found up on top of dead trees, bridges, power line poles - any high perch near a river. This camera is in Bremen, Maine, and has some month olds. 
I'm blogging from my car on a road trip....
Just saw a momma duck and her ducklings trying to cross the road.  The car in front of us never flinched. Just ran over two or three. We and everyone else went around them.  I think she made it with the rest.  I am going to assume the person that ran over them just wasn't paying attention and didn't see them until too late. Momma duck was frantic trying to decide which way to go.  I hate when that happens.
Anyway, enjoy the osprey, while I try to get this out of my mind....


  1. I love watching ospreys--we live right by a river that flows into the Long Island Sound, so we can regularly see them flying overhead, diving into the water, and--our favorite--giving the fish they catch the "ride of their lives." At least before the fish gets eaten it has that one face-forward flight where it can experience the world from a bird's-eye-view. ;)
    Can't wait to check out the camera and see the little ones!

    1. Ha! That's what I always think of too when I see those fish pointing forward taking their first and last ride!

  2. Oh-I don't think I've ever seen anyone not stop for the ducks, surely they just didn't see! Love the osprey, which I don't see often enough. Thanks Donna-happy travels!

  3. O. My. God. Who would see a family of ducks crossing...and keep going?!

  4. Yikes! I am going to assume with you that the driver never saw them. What a horrid vision to try to shake! Thank you for the reminder of the osprey that used to live in the bay of the lake in our backyard when I was young. They are captivating creatures for sure.


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