Saturday, February 9, 2013


Kitchen window view this morning

I haven't been in a blizzard since...well, a long time ago.  This looks like a scene from "Little House on the Prairie" where the girls lose their way as they try to make it home after being excused early from school, or the time they had to tie Pa to a rope as he tried to find the garage. (Ha!  Just caught this...garage!...I mean barn!)

It's a whiteout, and the temperature is frigid.  I tried to open the door and take a picture, but the wind blowing snow inside keeps me from getting a shot.  So here it is through the windows! 

Garage entry viewed through the den window

And here's a short video...

I'm sitting at the kitchen table looking back into the living room.  I always like the reverse snow globe effect I get in snowstorms!

To counteract any chill from the storm...
mmmm... hot slow cooking oatmeal...with pecans, blueberries, cinnamon, a bit of raw sugar and a touch of Maine maple syrup...with hot coffee on the side...
Doesn't get any better than a Blizzard Breakfast...

Unless it is the pre-blizzard-plain-old-snowstorm chili we had yesterday, or the post-blizzard-pulled-bbq-beef sandwiches slow cooked last night (assuming this is going to get over today - otherwise it will be the continuing-blizzard-pulled-bbq beef sandwiches).  Hope everyone out there is gathering good storm stories for later telling to grandchildren and great grandchildren!

Stay home and safe, but if you MUST go out, remember to tie that rope around you so you can find your way back from however far you get...or someone can just pull you back and tie you up so you don't do anything else foolish!


  1. We have over two feet here in Southern Connecticut...but, alas, no oatmeal and maple syrup in my house. I saw your picture and thought, "Oh, I should run out to the store and get some...oh. Yeah. Never mind." :)
    Enjoy the snow and stay warm!

    1. My two favorite oatmeals are Silver Palate and Bob's Red Mill Organic Extra Thick Cut - the latter being my most favorite. It takes about 10 min. at a boil to cook. I feel sorry for kids nowadays who don't really know what oatmeal can be. It isn't those little packets that you microwave in a minute, that's for sure!

  2. Replies
    1. And now I am making homemade baked beans! This is a great storm. No power loss as of yet!

  3. In situations like the one you described...a steaming bowl of Chili is a MUST!! :)

    1. JUST finished off the leftover chili for lunch. My, oh, my! A blizzard really makes it taste fine!

  4. As we've shared before-Red Mill is very, very good, & especially in a blizzard, & I'm so happy you have your electricity! All sounds very good Donna. Safe shoveling though!

  5. We're still digging out in CT where we got almost three feet. But it's beautiful, isn't it?


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