Cabela's Again?

From this...
To this!
No, not again.  You said it wouldn't be.  You said she'd be dressed better.  You said just wait; you'd fix her outfit.
I'm not thinking a new hat makes this outfit better.

And not only that....
but the hand with the broken finger....
it's gone entirely.
And not just the finger -  and not the hand -
but her whole arm.
Her right cuff is cleverly unrolled now concealing that sad fact.

Each time I've gone in, I've mentioned the mannequin to a salesperson there.  In December, I talked to a person who seemed quite concerned about the mannequin's appearance and asked when I'd be in again.  I told her I might be in just after Christmas.  So she said she'd make sure something was done to help this pathetic excuse for a mannequin.  Well, she didn't use quite those words, but her eyes told me she understood.

Mannequins are supposed to be the epitome of style, the wearers of the latest fashion, the model to which we should aspire.  But I guess if your mannequin has a small head, gray skin tone, no hair,  no eyes, no ears, no mouth and lacks appendages...well, maybe not.

I swear, I will dress her up next time I'm in there.  That last guy that I talked to said I could...


  1. Mannequins fascinate me. I don't know why.

  2. Too funny! Look #1 is definitely better. I say go for it and give the poor lady a decent look. Right now she looks like a bag lady.

  3. She REALLY needs your help!

  4. The mannequin could actually be going for the grunge look! :)

  5. Too funny! Poor gal definitely needs your help! Maybe if you printed out this post and sent it to them!

  6. Donna,
    Your noticing of the poor state of the lifeless lass makes me giggle. I sometimes glance at them if I happen upon and occasional shopping trip to the local mall. I never noticed the details that you called up here, but maybe next time, I will. I bet there are a lot more in the same state of affairs as your lifeless lass. Hope you get the chance to help the ole girl...

  7. Poor thing. I'm happy someone (you) is taking note. We go to Cabella's here too, a drive north to Wyoming. What a great store! If you do dress her, I hope you take a pic for us.

  8. That's sad. Even my teenage son dresses better than that.


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