Friday, September 28, 2012

Dog and Toad

Dog and Toad

He was here
A couple of days ago;
The dog found him
Galumphing along
Slowly enough to be caught,
Carried in her mouth
For a short while before
Being dropped back into
The soft cool of the grass
And fallen leaves.
I wiped her chin
Where the toad had been.
Gone is the toad
Must be too cold
Time for making
A home down deep
A place of rest and sleep
Until spring arrives
And warms him
Back to alive
And puts a jounce back
In his bounce.

©Donna JT Smith, 2012


  1. Love the interesting rhythm & the way you pushed at the rhyme, along with the capturing of this moment with your dog, Donna. Guess he didn't find that frog so tasty, lucky frog!

    1. Oh, she was very drooly after that mouthful of toad!

  2. Ooh! Just watch that toad poison!

    Thanks for putting up the review for part 3! :)

  3. I love the jouncy, bouncy ending to this one, Donna.

  4. Yes I love the word jounce too - and that the rhythm of the whole poem gallumphs just like a toad :-)

    1. He's quite a slow toad that lives by the edge of our front steps, so the dog looks for him every day as she heads out - a bit of enjouncement in her day!

  5. I like how Dog and Toad makes me think of Frog and Toad! But these two clearly can't be friends!

    1. Oh, good! That's what I was going for. And though the toad would think otherwise, my dog would have loved to have a toad for a friend!

  6. loved the feel of this charming piece :)


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