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I apologize for not being everywhere all the time, but soon I will be again.  I catch moments of fleeting time and try to make sure I am still writing and posting, but not quite as regular as I usually am.  I SHALL return.  Please bear with me.  These were all posts from my FB this week - apologies to those who have already read them.  Again, freshness will resume soon!

4 year old grand daughter's ballerina drawing!  Love her dress!

Wispy strains
of music afloat
softly call to
released from
fluttering inside.
Wings on her toes,
light as leaves
on a breeze,
She flows
leaping into their
flighted dance.

by Donna JT Smith

Homeward Bound

There are roads that take you somewhere, lanes for you to roam;
There are highways heading east and west, and some ways take you home.

Your eyes scan far horizons where road aligns with sky,
And then it dips away again before another high.

Sinuous and soothing go the ribbons through the fields,
And every stop amid the peace reminds our hearts to yield.

Hold the air, the soil, the sun - warmth before the cold;
And give way to the hurriers - they're only growing old.

The fact is roads are all the same: your way is meant to be -
For all the roads you travel on have home-bound scenery.

by Donna JT Smith, 10-15-18

Poem inspiration: 
- The first sighting of a rainbow by my 4 year old grand daughter one evening when the sun broke through before sunset after a day of rain. -  Breathtaking both child and rainbow...

“I didn’t know those were real in real life! It’s the first one I ever saw! It has all the beautiful colors! I want to look at this forever!”
Though we didn’t get a good picture, she drew it the next morning. 

When I see a rainbow,
That palette all revealed,
I'm fascinated how sun and rain
Keep mysteries concealed.

Do you remember the first you saw
And how it made you feel?
Remember being mesmerized
By colors arched surreal?

Oh, could that moment be recalled
Whe fantasy turned real,
And misty hues threw arms around
A world with God's own seal!

by Donna JT Smith
drawing by 4 year old granddaughter

It's Poetry Friday!  Make a poem out of life today...

Poetry Friday is being hosted by Michelle at Today's Little Ditty - go see!


  1. Dear Donna, thank you for this ballerina-roads-home post today. :) What a muse your granddaughter is. Thank you for sharing! xo

    1. We are spending some special time together. I'm so thankful to be able to do this. I'll have to get grandson poems for next week!

  2. I've seen these you've shared and love that you're making poems from granddaughter visits, but also love that "For all the roads you travel on have homebound scenery." It is true. Glad to see you back, Donna.

    1. Anywhere can be home. I'm working on being present in wherever that may be.

  3. I can see why your granddaughter's drawings are so inspiring!
    "For all the roads you travel on have homebound scenery." -- very nice!

    1. I just added the story behind the rainbow image. The rainbow sighting was first - and it was her first ever remembrance of seeing a rainbow - so a special time. I wrote while she drew it the next day.

  4. Enjoyed this roundup of poems and drawings. Your granddaughter is a talented artist!! "Homeward Bound" is my fave. :)

    1. She's artist, storyteller and dancer... all my favorite people in one!

  5. Love your granddaughter's ballerina--and the butterfly metaphor in your poem is lovely.

  6. Your little granddaughter and I both share a love of bright, colourful dresses! :-D

    1. She definitely has her own style both on and off paper!

  7. Artist, storyteller, dancer AND fashion designer! I want a dress just like that! It warms my heart, Donna, that you and your granddaughter are exploring the world together through your shared creative pursuits.

  8. I've seen some of these on Facebook , but so enjoyed experiencing the richness of them all together. Donna+granddaughter=wow! I especially liked your poem, Stage, and all those lovely "l" sounds.

  9. I'm glad you found time and space to round these up to share. I still stop and wonder at rainbows.

    1. Rainbows are amazing. So happy to see her first with her!


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