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Have a beautiful summer day sometime this week!  Looks like rain instead of sun here today! (Whoops!  Sun just peeked through the leaves in the back yard!  Maybe it's a bike day after all!)


"I’m broke,” she said,
And laid in bed.
"I’m sick,” she lied,
And then she cried.

“I can’t do that!
I won’t do this!
Just go away,
And bring back bliss!”

Then as she tumbled
To the floor
And crawled along
To find the door,

She noticed she
Was on her knees,
And knew that someone
Heard her pleas,

Where all along
She should have been
To see her world
Brought right again.

Her smallness, frailties
Her being so

Reminded her that
There’s a force,
A power of
Unending source.

And tapping that
She rose to see
That all was as
It’s meant to be.

No more broken,
No more sick,
No more lies
There is no trick.

“You’re right, you cannot
Do it all
But neither do you
Need to fall.
For there’s a light
And there’s a hand
To help you fight
To help you stand.”

“I’m broke,” she whispered,
“Help me mend.”
“I’m sick,” she murmured,
“But I’ll attend.”

She grasped the light
And saw much more;
She held the hand
To cross the floor,

And all her worries,
All she feared
Dissolved at once
And disappeared.

Once again
The sky was bright
And even stars
Came out at night.

by Donna JT Smith, June 8, 2018

Two more of my poems at GetSparked "Up on the Roof" and "Full Cold Moon".

Thanks, Tabatha!  After reading your comment, I went surfing and found this one, too...enjoy!


  1. Have you seen the video of Bobby McFerrin singing "Fix Me Jesus"? Your poem made it come to mind.

    1. I'm listening now. I had not. Thanks for that!

  2. Donna, your poem is such an inspirational piece for those who need a push to believe in the possibilities coming from faith. I really enjoyed the poem "Up on The Roof". It gave me a chuckle this morning.

    1. I'm glad "Up on The Roof" gave you a chuckle. I was hoping it would not be seen as too awfully bizarre! Lol!

  3. Donna, your poem is very inspiring. I love how it widens out at the point where the speaker relinquishes control and asks for help. I think this spacial quality lends importance to the idea of submitting to a higher power.

    1. It was one that just came quickly as I sat down thinking I had nothing today. You know how sometimes you just start...no clue where you are headed? Then at about the half-way point I began thinking "done" with each few lines. But it would pick up again. When I wrote "and even stars came out at night" - I knew it was done.

  4. This poem is especially poignant in light of our loss this week of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. If only they could have made it to the point of the submission and help.

    1. My heart aches for those whose hurt is so deep, and who cannot find another way.

  5. The back and forth dialogue adds to the urgency of the poem. I love the rapid tone and short lines that propel the reader forward.

  6. I think there's something incredibly powerful in accepting that you can't do everything, and that's OK! So often we beat ourselves up, break ourselves down, because we can't do it all, we can't win it all, and there's great peace in realizing that we are humans, capable of so much, but not everything!

    1. We do try to do it all much of the time - struggling, worrying, etc. when we don’t have to.

  7. Such big truth here. Can't even think how many times I have arrived at this place. And you have captured the turning and subsequent relief so perfectly.

  8. I love the struggle that you have captured in your poem. As always, a pleasure to read.

    1. Thank you. Seems we always need to have reminders that is doesn't HAVE to be such a struggle.

  9. I'm glad your poem turns and gives some hope–sometimes when unfortunate situations befell us it's not so easy to continue to draw from our inner well of strength–but one has to, thanks Donna.

    1. Yeah, we forget in weariness that there is strength available.

  10. Such reassurance in these lines:
    "For there’s a light
    And there’s a hand..."
    So glad you wrote. even if you didn't know what you were writing when you started.


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