First Spiritual Thursday

This is the first Thursday in June, so the Spiritual Journey Thursday gang meets to think about a variety of topics and how it affects their spiritual life.  This month's topic is Summer.  I tried thinking about this a few times over the past week and a half and nothing really came together in my brain well.  I didn't seem to get a lot of minutes all in one sitting to really meditate upon the theme.  Then I looked up Bible verses with summer in them.  And that is when I began to be able to focus better.

Summer is a promise from God.
Genesis 8:22  While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

This constancy is promised.  We can count on the cycles of seasons and day and night and that summer will return in an orderly fashion.  We don’t get tricked into spring turning to winter, and then autumn leading into summer.  There are not days without a night between (though at the poles they might be a bit shorter or longer than on other places on Earth…).  God gave us the promise of summer as part of a cycle for as long as the earth keeps spinning and rotating around the sun.

Of the four seasons, summer seems to me to be the one that most resembles Heaven....perpetual summer...though without the humidity, of course.  As beautiful looking as winter can be, it is not “heavenly” or “heaven-sent” to me.  It’s a dormant, cold time, when most things at least appear to be dead... unless you like skiing or other winter sports...
Spring is new birth, and autumn is the harvest before the cold, dormant dead of winter sets in.  Summer is the realized potential of all living things -  which seems heaven-like.  Everything is awake, grown or growing, green or greening, and flourishing.

Summer is our promise,
and our warning to harvest and prepare for the promised winter.


When the butterflies
fly home,
And moths
no longer roam,
Snowflakes spritely 
take their place
upon my face.
Memories of warm
sun spun
as lace
I hold dear today.
For soon I fear
the silvered sands
of beach
between my toes
will slip away
And ocean’s white-capped
will be replaced 
with towering drifts -
the rift between
Summer’s reason
Winter’s treason.
As waves sift footprints
from the sand,
So may the sun
release iced land.
And someday I will
come to know
The endlessness of
 summer's glow.

by Donna JT Smith, 2018

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  1. Summer is a promise. I love that! You are coming to know the endless of summer's glow in each word you write. Thank you, Donna. xo

    1. Ooh, I meant to tell you your book came up in my poem for 15 Words or Less today -

  2. Yes, I need to remember that summer is a promise. Thanks for that today. Enjoy every moment of sun spun as lace!

  3. The promise of constancy from the seasons, a gift from God. I love them all, but autumn best. However, summer brings pleasures of its own. Your poem makes me want to sink my toes into the "silvered sands of beach."

  4. I bet that summer is a delightful time in Maine. May you bask in the glow of summer!

  5. I love these lines: "Summer is the realized potential of all living things - which seems heaven-like. Everything is awake, grown or growing, green or greening, and flourishing." Well said. Though Summer doesn't have the excitement of Spring, it has its own bountifulness which I'm so enjoying and wishing would last longer (though I love fall too). But not too soon!

  6. Donna, I was taken by your line, "Summer is a promise from God" and the scripture quote. Your poem spun beautiful thoughts, contrasting in nature:
    the rift between
    Summer’s reason
    Winter’s treason.
    Thank you for your perspective. It is good one to ponder as I fall asleep.

  7. I'm with you - summer is a lot closer to heaven than winter! Thanks for your thoughts!


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