Frost on the Pane

I had taken a couple pictures on Sunday of some gorgeous frost on the window at church.  And I MEAN gorgeous!

On Monday, I spent time composing a frosty poem about it and was going to get this post ready for Friday by copying it here.  I opened the page up to paste the poem in, and I typed the title "Frost on the Pane".  Then all sorts of stuff broke loose.  Frost on the PAIN came into my head... an ice pack... what kind of pain?  Would an ice pack work for all kinds of pain?  What would you use for a different kind of pain/pane?  This emerged.  There is a pattern here.  Each stanza has 10 words; the last stanza is found words from the first four stanzas.   I think I will name it.  How about Five and Tensome?  That would only be funny to someone who was around for the Five and Tens...(variety stores before Walmart, Zayres)
And that is how a poem can grow sometimes.  Like frost on a window pane.  It can start as something else entirely and then a little thing happens and it turns around and makes you write something else.  I'm not posting the other one, even though it was all rhymy, lilty and fun just the way I like them.  This is not any of that.


An ice pack
may still
the pain
but not

I bravely
choose instead
the filling
of joyful

I welcome
dear comfort,
my respite,
my care
all mine.

I guard the joy
but will
share -

Not ice
but the
soul filling
warmth dear,
I share.

by Donna JT Smith, 2018

This I plunk down here.  I will be back to sing-song again!

plucked heartstrings swirled words
tucked away, releasing sway;
notes rising with birds.

acorns unsquirreled
unburrowed, uneaten, wait;
more trees in spring.
(Where did those come from? Huh. Two Haiku for you.)

On to more Poetry Friday!  Visit the poetry offered by our hostess, Jan at Bookseedstudio.


  1. Yes, the picture is marvelous, Donna. And I love that you treated "pane" in a different way, that "filling warmth" is a comfort.

  2. How beautiful. I will happily take some of that heart-filling warmth, it is much needed these days.

  3. Hi there Donna, your poems are uplifting and demand quiet, a stillness to allow the beauty of your message to wash over the reader. So lovely.

  4. Love it all, especially the process notes, and especially the new form, and especially the "unsquirreled" acorns!

  5. Love that gorgeous photo, and I enjoyed reading about where your writing led you in surprising directions. I'm grateful for the heart-filling warmth you serve up with this new form. It is sorely needed. And the bonus haiku are a delight!

  6. What a burst of creativity you've shared here, Donna! The frost has been madly beautiful this year and I love your new poetic form. Thanks for sharing the peek into your brain and the process behind your poem. Those two haiku were a bonus, tucked in at the end. Stay warm!

  7. I really like the last haiku Donna, and the fun you had in creating the ice poem too, thanks!


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