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This was my poem that I posted on February 13, while we were having our snowstorms.  Our bird feeder was covered and filled with snow and snow was building up below while snow on the branch lowered the feeder even more.  I felt bad for any birds thinking there might be some sustenance there in the storms.

No Drive-Thru

The drive thru is closed
Don't even try it
Don't even come out
And take a fly by it
It's filled up with snow
Right up to the brim
There's no seeds inside
The pickings are slim
If you had been smart
You would have flown south
Where there's plenty of food
To stuff in your mouth.
Instead you are here
Where everything's white
And nothing to eat
Not one little bite
Come back tomorrow
Try us again
I'll put in more seeds
We'll be open at ten.

by Donna JT Smith, 2/13/17

And this is the birdfeeder the next day....
and a few days later after some sunshine...

 I could not make good on my promise to open the diner at 10 o'clock...

 Closed for Renovations

I'm sorry dear birds
but the diner's shut down,
There must be another
Somewhere in this town
a place where a bird 
can get a cold seed
a place to perch feet up
and order some feed
Renovations are needed
so just keep on flying
There's no sense in circling
and calling and crying;
Until further notice, 
We're closed to the public;
We'll see you when snow
Is not a hot topic - 
(have you thought of trying
The seeds in the tropics?)
So ruffle those feathers
Make downy your vest
Find other provisions
While we do our best
To set up another
Fine Diner with view
Where everything's shiny
And spotless
and new.
(and yes, 
there will be 
tropical seeds 
offered, too).
©Donna JT Smith, 2/24/2017

And now 2 notices!
1.  I am sending out Peace Postcards, and if you have not gotten one (because I don't have your mailing address or have misplaced it) and would like one - I will send one to you.  Just email me your address here (this is my "junk" email address, for those who are saying, "hey, that's not what I thought her address was!")  So it won't get picked up by bots, and other lots, here it is in code:
Take out the ^+- and you have it!  I don't know how effective it is to do that, but it is fun!
The poem is 20 stanzas, and I have broken it up into its 20 "pieces" for sending out "peacemeal".  So if you would like a piece of peace, let me know asap and I will send it out likewise!  NEXT FRIDAY, March 3, I will assemble the whole poem here for Poetry Friday, and you will see where your piece fits in.

2.  Ed DeCaria is once again doing the maddest madness event... "Madness! Poetry brings the excitement of the NCAA March Madness tournament to the world of kids’ poetry. 64 poets from around the world participate in the event; together, these poets write 126 new kids’ poems in just four weeks: IT’S MADNESS!"
The challenge is to write a kid poem within 36 hours using an outrageous word they have been issued.  They are pitted against another poet, and voting ensues!  YOU get to vote, CLASSROOMS get to vote, AUTHLETES (the poets) get to vote, and a winner is named for that bout....and it goes on with other pairs of poets - um, Authletes - until there is one winner.  Go to Ed's site and read all about the Madness! Poetry tournament.  I am doubly excited, because I have been chosen as an Authlete to compete in this epic event!  This is a month-long competition, so visit OFTEN and vote OFTEN!  It starts March 4!

It's Poetry Friday and time for MORE POETRY!  
Visit the poetry offerings that our hostess, Karen at Karen Edmisten* has for us!


  1. Great rhyming in those bird poems. I always feel for the birds after big storms, too. Good luck in the competition!

    1. Thanks, Brenda! I think we are going to find another way to attach this one - or it will have to be replaced today. And the tournament! It is such fun to read the poems created under duress! Hope you will read some. Kids love them!

  2. I love these poems! I love the idea of a bird feeder being like a drive-through (or fly through!) restaurant that's closed for renovations - too fun!!

    And wow - good luck with the poetry madness!!

    1. Thanks! I've heard lots of birds lately. Spring can't be too far off!
      I'm excited to try the first poem - fun kind of stress!!

  3. Wow! Your pictures reminded me of my days in Massachusetts, my snowy days that is. I loved your poems! And yes, the poor little birds!

    1. We can never plan on the weather here. I'm not always sure why we even have weather reports... We need to consult the animals. My birds are starting to sing, and there are dead skunks in the middle of the road (remember that song?), so spring has to be coming along sometime.

    2. I DO remember that song! Spring ahead!

  4. These are such fun poems, Donna! (Though I do feel sorry for the fate of your "fly-by" diner.) I'm not sure if you subscribe to TLD or not, but I hope you didn't miss that I posted your personified feeling poem yesterday. (Don't want you to miss out on your comments!)

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I just dropped in today to check it out. 😊

  5. Fun poems, enjoyed both! And I love to feed the birds, but we have too many squirrels . . .

    1. Those squirrels can really go through the food!

  6. What fun poems, Donna! Loved these. And congratulations for having been chosen as an Authlete. You'll be Au-some!

    1. Well, I'm excited to at least get one round in! It's such a fun event

  7. Violet is right - you are an Au-some Authlete. I try to feed birds, but the squirrels around these parts....

    1. We have few squirrels - I think because of the owls! But I do have a picture of a squirrel raiding our feeder. They are quite the athletes.

  8. Incredible poems! I love them....and the rhyme and beat are fantastic. I love "We'll see you when snow
    Is not a hot topic -
    (have you thought of trying
    The seeds in the tropics?)"
    These poems are so fun --- they look deceptively simple to write. Well, done. I'm impressed.
    Have a great week!

    1. Sometimes they are deceptively simple to write, while other times... well, they just aren't! It's a funny thing, this poetry business! I like when they "happen" to me and not when I have to "happen" them. lol!

  9. I received my 'peace' poem this past week, Donna. Thanks, will look for all of it next week! I love your poems, and do feel sorry for those birds. I wonder how they do survive? Congrats on being in March Madness, and good luck. Will look for you!

    1. Oh, good! Glad it got there! I have my Friday post all pre-scheduled. I'm so excited...got a little fun "peace" in it that I'm excited to share. See you then! I've been busy with grandchildren for a week. Oh, the fun we had in the snow!

  10. Have pity on the poor birds. I've been a "cold Bird" of late and we don't even have any snow. Our weather is summer-like compared to what I see in your photos.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. We've given up on the diner for this winter! A lot of wet ground is showing so they should be fine soon!

  11. Decided to use your poem as a prompt
    We're closed to the public
    yeah we'll see.
    she got a crowbar but then looked for a key.
    open open, dang you,
    And fumbled with the lock
    When that didn't work, she settled for a rock.



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