Wednesday: Wanted...Now Found!

This has nothing to do with anything...doesn't it just look SO good, though?  It was.

Wanted: Children's Poetry Writer or Lover of Poetry for Children for a Mortimer Minute!

On Friday I will be entertaining Mortimer for a minute or two.  If you have a desire to be interviewed by a bouncy bunny, a hippity-hoppity hare, a long-eared leaper, a rapid rabbit, a jolly jumper...well, just let me know, and I'll tell people where to hop to next week!
You make up the questions you'd like to have a audience of kids' poetry lovers to ask (except for taking one of mine that I used).  You answer the questions.
You mention my site as the place you hopped from, and the person or persons that will be hosting Mortimer next.
It's as easy as that!

Found: A Children's Poetry Writer for next week!  I'm so excited!  Thank you, Marileta Robinson.  I tagged Marileta, and she has graciously accepted the invitation to host a Mortimer Minute.  She will be interviewed by the bouncy bunny next week.  See my interview this Friday!


  1. It's not easy to find anyone anymore, I think Donna. I've been tagged & will post next week, but only found one person. Perhaps time for Mortimer to go to his little bunny tunnel? Good luck, though! Love that pic-yum!

    1. I happened upon a wonderful poet and writer, Marileta Robinson who has accepted the tag! I'm so excited! My post will go up on Friday, and she will be next week. Oh, and that lobster is only the very best lobster sandwich in the world. Only available at The Brass Compass in Rockland, case you ever pass through! My treat if you do!


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