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Sorry to bore you with another post about sight...but I'm still amazed and delighted.  You know my husband and I have all new clothes now, what with this color in my life again.  They aren't actually new clothes, but they have been given a new lease on life with the added benefit of seeing them in color!  I just love the blues and reds in his "new" old tie! (see pictures below, especially if you don't want to read more about eyesight drivel)

I've been looking forward to having my second cataract removed today.  Well, I woke up yesterday with a sore throat.  I let it be, using the technique of ignoring, but in the back of my mind I worried that it was a cold coming on. I still held out hope that it was just the eye drops irritating my sinuses and back of my throat.  It got a bit better as the day went on, but last night it was sore again.  This morning I awoke with a headache and chest congestion and cough...

So much for my second cataract being chipped away and replaced today.  Guess I'll have to go with disparate vision for a bit longer.

I'm still not totally convinced that it isn't the medicine that I have to put in my eye two days before the surgery.  The nurse says it isn't.  I guess we'll see if it happens again when we try for the second date.

In a way, it's nice to delay the second one for a bit longer.  I get to continue to appreciate and be fascinated by the difference in vision quality.  I'm afraid in some ways that I will forget how bad my vision was after a while and take it for granted again.

The timing for my cold was impeccable.  Such precise timing.  There must have been a reason.  And for that I am glad.  I want to have the second cataract done and my vision restored to all its former glory, but for some reason it has been delayed.  It will most likely never be my privilege to know the reason.  But I am thankful, and know that soon it will be time.

But for now I want to continue to appreciate the before and after difference, and later I'll have lots of time to enjoy the forever difference.

Funny story - another person and I were having a discussion in church some time ago about the stained glass windows and our favorite parts.  She mentioned an oval with grapes in it as her favorite.  I asked her where that was.  She pointed it out.  I could not see grape shapes anywhere in that window.
Last Sunday morning, I looked with my right eye only at the stained glass windows with the sun streaming through and exclaimed over their beautiful blues and reds.
"Can you see the grapes now?" she asked.
And I looked where she was pointing.  Yes, I could!  I could see the vibrant purple against the deep red, using my good eye.

My left eye (with a cataract I hadn't been aware of before my surgery due to the fact that my right eye was sooooo much worse) still can not see it.  Both colors, the red and purple, are a muddied brown-red.

I wonder how long I've been colorblind and haven't realize it.  I wonder what other wonders there are out there.
I PROMISE my next post will NOT be about my eyes!

But I couldn't resist this before and after simulation I created.  I took a picture and using my left eye with the cataract and my right eye that has been fixed, I edited the pictures to show what I was seeing before (and still see with my left eye) and after (with my right eye).

Left eye view with cataract (that I thought was wonderful vision - though it's actually a little more jumbled than this - with some double vision going on with it - and the red and blue are a little more muted than this):
Right eye view with cataract: 
You can see how I might think that my left eye was wonderful, if you just looked through my right eye with the cataract. But then the above view was replaced with this view!

My husband's "new" tie after removal of the cataract in my right eye:
I'm loving these colors!
Let's not even think about how it was for driving at night...

Time creeping
Turning pristine
To worn;
Reds are brown,
Life toned down -
Landscapes frayed,
Tattered days
And torn
Oh, for light,
Untarnished sight


  1. Wonders do abound with our medical miracles don't they? My doctor says I need to have this done in one eye-just beginning, but now you have me wondering what I'm missing. Glad all is okay so far!

  2. I think being able to see color now is so amazing you should blog about it as often as you'd like!


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