Hey, Mortimer, Do You Have a Minute?

Today is Poetry Friday!  Yea, for Fridays and poetry!  When you are finished here head on over to Cathy Mere's Merely Day by Day where she is hosting today's Poetry Friday.  You are sure to find a treasure trove of links to some splendid poems! (splendid... I'm going to use that later today in conversation, I think!)

I am hosting the poetry-loving Mortimer Rabbit for The Mortimer Minute.  He is going to ask me a few questions today, and I will answer them to the best of my ability.
If you would like to have Mortimer visit your website and ask a few questions, here are the 3 guidelines:

1. Answer three short questions, one of them taken from the previous Mortimer Minute.
2. Invite another blogger (or two or three) to take part on the following week--writers, teachers, or anyone who loves children's poetry is the perfect choice.

3. Link to the previous Mortimer Minute and to your choice for next week. 

Well, over at Random Noodling, I discovered Mortimer, the rabbit, interviewing

Me: Hello, Mortimer!  Nice to finally meet you nose to nose.

Mortimer:  Why, yes, I suppose it is.

Me:  So I hear you have some questions you would like to ask of this poetry lover and writer!

Mortimer: Yes, I do.  Here's my first and very most important question: If you were a rabbit and liked to write poetry, what would you write?

Me: Well, I think I might write a little hop-skip-and a jump ditty!

Mortimer: Kitty?  Did you say kitty?  I am not too fond of cats.

Me: No, ditty.  A ditty is just a little something written down like a song or poem...

Mortimer: Oh, okay.  No "Owl and Pussycat" poems, please.  They make me nervous.

Me: Okay, no owls and cats in the ditty.
Here goes:
I hop -
I jump -
I bound around!
I twitch -
I freeze -
I hear a sound!
I spring -
I dart -
I can't be found!

Mortimer: That almost sounded like there WAS a cat or owl in that poem.  And I sounded like a scaredy-rabbit.

Me: Okay, then.  How about this one?

I've the quickest legs for changing gears,
And for rabbit radar, the longest ears.
My nose will ever test the air
To see if I should take some care.
A daily carrot and lettuce leaf
Are good for health, is my belief!
I'm soft and furry,
And prone to hurry;
Although I am small
And you are so tall,
Still you can depend
On this bunny friend!
Make it a habit
To hug your rabbit!

Mortimer (twitching his nose and scratching his left ear): Oh, yes that was much better.  More fitting for me.  Did rabbits some justice, I must say.

Me: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

Mortimer: Now, the second thing I'd like to know is - Do you know any rabbit riddles? 

Me:  I do. 

Mortimer: So do I.  Listen carefully and think. What do you call a rabbit that has fleas?  Now that is a question, but it isn't one of my allotted 3 questions, you know.

Me: Okay,  I won't count that question.  Hmmm... What do you call a rabbit that has fleas? It seems it would have to be something like a "buggy rabbit".  Am I right?

Mortimer: No.  The answer is "Bugs Bunny".  But yours was pretty good.  You are clever.  You could be a rabbit - except for those ears.  Can't fix the ears.   Too bad.  But it's the whole package or nothing.

Me:  Well, that's disappointing, but I guess I'll just resign myself to being a human.  I rather like my ears trimmed short anyway.

Mortimer: No accounting for taste. Let's continue.  My third question is this:  I've heard that many poems rhyme, but sometimes they don't.  Which type do you prefer and why?

Me: I would have to say that I prefer ones that rhyme, as you can see from the ones I wrote earlier, though I have written non-rhyming poetry, too.  I like the sound of words that rhyme, I really like the rhythm as they are read and I like the challenge of trying to make the hard work of rhyming sound natural and easy.

Mortimer:  I'm fond of rhyming poetry also.  I wrote a poem, you know.

Me: Really?  Can you recite it?

Mortimer:  (clears throat)
I am a hare, so I am not square. 
I am a bunny, so I don't eat honey.  
I am a rabbit, so I eat carrots.  
That last part is not quite the way I want it yet.  I've some revising to do.
Now, technically this is a fourth question...or fifth really if you were counting, but who's counting?  Oh, dear, that would make 6.  Nevermind.  I asked Diane this question when I was down in New Hampshire -  Which way to the highway? 
Me:  You are in Maine, so there aren't many highways.  Remember, you are also on an island, so you'll have to go over a few bridges to get to the mainland.  Then you will either head north to Canada, or go south or west to New Hampshire.  East wouldn't be a good choice; that takes you to the Atlantic Ocean. It's really close, but I don't think you'll want to swim anywhere, being a rabbit and all.  I think your best plan is to take out your GPS and get a reading from here to where you want to go.

Mortimer:  Oh, you must mean my RBS - my Rabbit Burrowing System.  I know it's somewhere here in my pocket...ah, yes, here it is. Hmmm... It looks like the nearest rabbit hole that leads to Marileta Robinson's place - the next Children's Poetry Lover - is just over there under that hemlock! Well, must be off to the next hop, skip or jump! Lovely meeting you!  Next time we must have lobster and a whoopie pie!

Me:  Good-bye!  It was nice...

And he was gone.  Scoot.  Down the hole.  Just like that.  I would have liked more time with Mortimer, but a minute is like an hour to a fast moving rabbit...

He's on his way to Marileta's place now... a children’s writer and former editor with Highlights for Children and High Five, with poems and stories in Highlights, High Five, and Hello.   Wow, he should have quite a time visiting her!  I'm going to check in next week and see what will be going on. 


  1. Fabulous interview, Donna. Just this morning, as I was in that stage between sleep and awakening, I remembered how my late father used to tell us to go "quick like a bunny." And then I read your first two poems and they made me smile. Thanks!

    1. Many a time I was told as a child I needed to move "quick as a bunny", too. Happy (or hoppy) you got to smiling early in the morning! Thanks for letting me in on the fun!

  2. That Mortimer sure gets around. Such a fun interview; love the poems you included and all the rabbity repartee. :)

    1. He does get places...almost tele-port or warp speed! Don't you just love trying to think what an animal would say if they could say?

  3. Glad Mortimer's "rabbit radar" sent him your way. Thanks for sharing the fun poems you wrote for Mortimer, and the poem that he started for you.

    1. He is a very well mannered rabbit who truly loves poetry! Hope he makes it safely to Marileta's blog.

  4. Donna,
    I enjoyed both of your rabbit ditties. Of course, as a rabbit I might feel a little differently about the first one.


    1. Thanks! I just never gave it a thought when I wrote the first one, that a rabbit would be picturing a scary animal chasing him. Of course, now, looking back on it, that poem could be upsetting to a rabbit. Oh, well, you live, you learn!

  5. Oh Donna, this is my favorite Mortimer by far. The rabbity quips and exchanges made me smile. That Mortimer sure knows how to 'mince' words. :)

    1. He does have a bit of an early morning "tude going on, but it's probably because he just doesn't the time or the inclination to relax and put those jumpy feet up.

  6. Thank you, Donna. I just smiled and giggled my way through your entire post!

  7. So, I am impressed with Mortimer's poem. He has quite a sense of rhythm and rhyme....

    1. And he jumps with such grace and agility, too. Quite an accomplished rabbit he is.

  8. Replies
    1. Yes, this silly rabbit and I had a fun time for sure!

  9. Mortimer has a lot of personality! I enjoyed your first poem more than he did :-)

    1. Thanks, Tabatha! I kind of liked the first one, too!


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