Taking Tricky Trains and Tricky Teeth

Today is taking the train day for me.  I am driving down to Providence and then hopping a train for Philadelphia, then the SEPTA train out to the wilds of Pennsylvania for a visit with my daughter, her husband and their son...my grandson.  My daughter is having her four wisdom teeth out tomorrow, so I am going to be there to take care of both babies - daughter and grandson - and in some respects then my son-in-law (not that he can't take care of himself).

I had three wisdom teeth taken out when I was a bit younger than she, and it wasn't much fun as I recall.  I had one that was really difficult to remove, and I think she has two that are going to be tricky.  I'm not sure what they had to do to mine, but twice now 40 years after the fact, I have had what are either bone chips or tooth chips erupt from my gums.  They have been tiny but painful.  I'm hoping procedures have come a long way since then!

While I am on the train, I will try to update or post some pictures.  I would like to be leaving out of this area, but the Downeaster takes me into North Station, and I want to be at South Station for the connecting train.  To do that, you either have to catch a cab or the subway.  I have done the cab before, and it isn't bad.  There are usually lots of them out there waiting.  But I still don't like it.   I get nervous that I won't catch my connecting train.  And we won't even think about the subway.  I just don't like subways.  And I really don't like them alone.  I'm pretty sure I'll end up somewhere...but not sure where.  I don't travel well underground.  I don't travel well ABOVE ground, for that matter.  That's why I'm not flying there.

So, I have a few last minute things to attend to before we head south.  Brush my teeth and pack my toothbrush is first on my list.   I've already packed my banana, my water and my eticket.

Catch you later!


  1. indeed a slice of life - caregiving and caring for those we love. Hope the teeth come out easily!

  2. My mouth is too small for my wisdom teeth to have bothered to develop. I got one and didn't have to worry about the others.

  3. Safe travels Donna! Your daughter will so appreciate your help and you get the bonus of more time with your grandson.

  4. Hi Donna, hope the travel goes well along with the dental stuff! My daughter has put off having hers out so far-I think she will be sorry, but the dentist continues to say ok. Glad you get a nice chance to be with your grandson. They are just getting cuter & cuter aren't they? I spent the day with Sarah & the grand-girls yesterday, much fun. Ingrid (the almost four) is now using a big word or two & told me I was very attractive. Sarah & I wonder where she gets these things; she has also told me I was a good driver! Imogene (1 & 1/2) just now runs away from us. She is one of those active kids who cannot pause-our own energizer bunny. I hope you share about your time-always nice to hear.

  5. I hope you have a safe journey Donna, on this mission of mercy. Four wisdom teeth...whew!

  6. I'm like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory...I LIKE TRAINS!! :) Enjoy your rides.


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