Rose bush - snow's bush

We are getting a blizzard.  But first a small storm that wasn't supposed to happen.  The 6 inches before the 18-24 inches that will happen tonight.  A few weeks ago it rained like crazy for a few days and we lost all our snow cover.  But fortunately, we are getting more snow.  Two storms are colliding, plus a pre-storm snow that materialized on the weather map somewhere between the time I went to bed and the time I woke up.   Surprise!  Glad I went grocery shopping yesterday!

Thank you, Tara at A Teaching Life, for hosting Poetry Friday today.  I'm in with a storm poem I wrote this afternoon watching the pre-storm turn into the blizzard.

The Storm

A pre-blizzard snow
surprised in the night;
It wasn’t supposed
to start till noon's light.

Yet softly it crept
across the bare ground -
White bits swirling down
beginning to mound.

By window I perch
With steaming hot mug
No flurries inside
I’m warm, safe and snug.

Thrust, parry, repeat
snow battles with wind -
And sharp sword of ice
has travelers pinned.

Snow keeps pounding on
and threatens to keep
Us home bound for days
in drifts past knee deep.

Like rainstorm's rainbow
At storm’s end we’ll see
The shimmer of gems
bedecking each tree.

Till then by the fire
I'll refill my cup
And read a good book
Till storm says "Time's up!"


  1. In a session, but thinking of you!! Love that final verse.

    1. It's the loveliest of storms from INSIDE, but treacherous outside. I've made chili for today and a barbecue pot roast is cooking for heating up tomorrow - even if we have to put it on the woodstove to heat! So far, still power. But when those 50 mph gusts start kicking up...

  2. Yup! Perfect last stanza!! Stay warm and safe!

  3. There's something so wonderful about reading a book and drinking tea while it storms outside, isn't there.

    Hope you didn't lose power and aren't having to shovel too much of the white stuff.


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