Java January

Violet Nesdoly is hosting Poetry Friday today.  Head on over there for thoughts on how "Messy" poetry writing can be, and check out more poetry links!

Here are my contributions to Poetry Friday, a couple odes to morning coffee:

Careful consideration -
    the handle?
    the edge?
    the weight?
must be given to -
    the stripes?
    the words?
    the flowers?
    the animals?
that first morning cup -
    the delicate?
    the rustic?
    the small?
    the tall?
even before my eyes open -
    the old?
    the new?
Somehow it’s always right -
    in my hand!
    filled to the brim!
    the perfect cup!


One might surmise
A double sunrise,
But it’s just
My two eyes
As lids slowly rise
Over the steaming hill
of my cup


  1. you've said it just right. i consider the cup every morning!

    1. It's an important time of the day, that first decision!

  2. I also complicate things with coffee vs. tea...and then black tea vs. green tea. Maybe I should only have one cup. But that seems a little boring :-)

    1. I've thought of cutting back on my collection of mugs and cups - of which only a fraction are shown - but I have something I like about each one.

  3. Love the idea that "filled to the brim" makes it just right. Fun!

    1. Oh, it does make it just right! When we go out for breakfast, I am disappointed when we get a waitress that doesn't see the importance of keeping that cup filled!

  4. I love to wake up to this poem, and I love mine "filled to the brim." Thank you for sharing this poem!! =)

  5. I'll drink to that! I'm definitely a java-in-the-morning kind of person. Really enjoyed your poetic caffeinated brews.

  6. Yes! It really matters which cup you use! (Though mine's tea, not coffee. :-))

  7. My morning brew is tea, and I agree with you about the choice of cup! Guess that says we must be awake enough to make the choice! Enjoyed your two poems.


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